Knicks Vs. Heat, (Feb 23, 2012) Preview of the Eastern Conference Finals?

As the Knicks pack up and head to Miami, I hope they have gut-checking showdown in their minds. From “jokes” to the scariest team in the East in 20 days, behind the guts and guile of their Forgotten man, Jeremy Lin. Is their any doubt the AdrenaLINe shot he gave to the Knicks flatline season on Feb 3rd? Now with Carmelo and Stoudemire back and new addition sharp shooting 3-pointer Smith flown in from China. Defensive stopper, Champion Chandler, hard-nosed 2 guard Fields, do anything Jefferies, and Downtown Novak. The Knicks will arrive in Miami as a serious and maybe the greatest threat for the Eastern Conference Championship, with a 9-2 in their last 11 games. The Bulls are already suspect with D-Rose having back issues and a short bench. Orlando is a yo-yo. Atlanta looks to be in free fall, and the Pacers are struggling. With consistent team play New York could move up and easily grab the 3 seed as they sit 5 games out, entering the Miami game.

Miami will be fresh and also has been impressive in their last 10 at 9-1, including a freakish historic win streak on the road. The storyline couldn’t had been drawn up any better, than the one that has been told so far. The saloon doors creak on the AmericaAirlines Arena, and new shadows appear framed in the doorway of the fading sun. What more could Knick fans want, their team has bathed in Linarus’ waters rising from the ashes and head to Miami a legitimate contender, on national TV, days before the All-star break. To take on the juggernaut, the Big-3, and this is where the Knicks as a team have to answer the bell. Were you ever asked to the party in South Beach? It has to be personal! Proove to the Knick fans, Miami fans and the NBA nation, that the only I in Knicks is Win. Every rebound and loose ball has to look like that rough pink diamond found in Australia, virtually priceless. It has to be a 48 minute brawl, we saw Miami wilt last year in the Finals when their talent alone could not prevail.

In less than 24 hours, in Hot Miami, the Knicks sit like a huge AtLintic iceberg on the horizon, how much is under the water?

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