Magic Jack, Call Free to US Phone Numbers

My half of the family lives out side the US and to call them cost international calling charges. Keeping in touch with them cost a lot. I wanted to get a service which does not cost me fortune. My sister recommend me to buy Magic jack. I bought two magic jacks. I bought one for me and one for my sister. I send one Magic Jack to my sister in UK. Now she has fitted it to her computer. I send one to my mother in Pakistan. Now I call both of them from USA without spending money. They also call me in America for free. It does not cost all of us a single penny to call to magic jack to magic jack..

Magic Jack is use to call US for free. It is based in USA(America). But people can set them out side the America. It will be ideal to call USA free from out side the USA and also use to call USA within America free of cost.

The Magic jack is like a flash drive. It is inserted in computer like a normal flash drive. Once inserted to the computer it itself download its soft ware in the computer. To make calls connect the computer to high speed internet or broad band. There is a phone line socket at the back of Magic jack. Connect the magic jack to the phone and the insert the magic jack to the computer. Now start making calls and receive the calls without spending money. It is a good option to use the device if travelling, by using laptop with mobile internet. Magic jack is available on line stores as well as at local stores in America. I my self bought it from Amazon. It was delivered with free shipping . I bought it for $37. The only cost involve is $19.99 for a year subscription fee . Other than that it is free to make and receive calls. The voice clarity is good up till now. There is no time limit just call unlimited. I call to my sister and some time we chat for 2 to 3 hours without disruption. I am happy with the service.

There is an option for three way conference call. I tried to figure it out but was not successful in doing that. Apart free that people can record a message on the magic jack. The recorded message is delivered to the email account of magic jack customer.

I find Magic Jack very good and worth spending the money. It is saving me hundreds of dollar per year. I will recommend it to others as service is good, voice is clear and is reliable as well.

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