Our Way of Life

How do you say I’m sorry, for something you did not do

That causes so much pain, to the people all around you

People suffering everywhere, some I know, some I don’t

They must end this madness, but they can’t, or they won’t

For centuries soldiers have offered, the ultimate to give

It is done for just one reason, so others may grow and live

We choose our place in line, it just happens to be our turn

If you’ve never wore the uniform, it’s not possible to learn

What goes on inside a man, who has heard his country call

And to the depth he believes, in Freedom and Justice for all

It’s hard to watch politicians, pervert our way of life

Stripping away our culture, like cutting with a knife

All they seem to care about, is winning the next vote

Slowly taking our freedoms, it’s in the bill they wrote

Let’s take away their salaries, the benefits and the perks

Do you think tomorrow, they will still show up to work

You serve to make things better, it’s not about the pay

This land belongs to we the people, we have the final say

It’s time to get something done, you see it happening too

It will be your turn to apologize, if nothing’s what you do

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