Overcoming Emotional Scars

Emotional scars are not visible as physical scars but still hurt. Physical scars heal faster than emotional scars. Feelings of hurt disappear over time but memories still remain. Individuals usually choose their own path of healing such as spiritual, visiting a therapist or even gardening. Everyone needs to realize that healing is a process that someone has to go through. After the process, an individual usually emerges a stronger, compassionate and better person. Living in denial can cause more emotional scars to develop in the future. Included are some ideas on ways of dealing and overcoming emotional scars.

1. Writing or Keeping a Journal

This is an excellent way to record your feelings. Individuals can keep a track of their progress. Writing is a cathartic process and a way of healing. Information that individuals refuse to disclose with anyone can be written in a journal or notebook. This is a way of removing the hurt from our self and channeling our pain in a constructive way.

2. Trust in God

Amidst the chaos in your life, keep trusting in god. Remember there are certain things in life that cannot be changed, rewritten or controlled. Although you may feel that everything around you is crumbling and collapsing, keep believing that god is in control. During our storm, god’s invisible hand is still guiding us. God is continually working behind the scenes changing our circumstances although it may not be apparent. Sometimes god changes us before changing our circumstances.

3. Forgiveness

Forgiving others can be difficult for anyone. Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves and others. This allows us to heal instead of being paralyzed in the past. It is necessary to forgive ourselves from the past we cannot control. Forgiveness does not mean we continue to allow others to abuse us or take advantage us. Don’t get even with your enemies; instead allow god to fight your battles.

4. Faithfulness and Moving On

Throughout your crisis, remain faithful to god. By being faithful, god begins to change our circumstances in life. Immediate change may not be apparent but cleave to god’s promises to aid us with our current situation. Believe that a better future is available when we refuse to cleave to the past. Sometimes we need to move on to capture god’s blessings and glorious future. Moving on can range from relocating, changing your thoughts, and freeing ourselves from the past.

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