Owner Shot in the Butt by Dog – Accident or Revenge?

A hunter setting out duck decoys was shot in the buttocks by his dog. The man had his gun across the bow of the boat and evidently the dog was a little over-excited. Somehow he hit the trigger and filled the man’s butt full of birdshot. The man was saved from further harm by the hip-length boots he was wearing. He called 911(the man, not the dog) and is recovering.

This is a not-so-often heard story, but animals have shot their owners before. How do we know it was an accident? Maybe it is time to develop a new respect for man’s best friend. He possibly could be keeping score of the not so nice things you do to him.

Like when you did not take him walking when he needed to go, then scolded him when he did go, on the carpet, that went down as a red mark on his nice little to-do list. When you bought that nasty canned food, with the God-only-knows what in it, and you had a nice steak. Another little mark. When you put him in that, what you thought was cute, Halloween costume and then paraded him in front of his doggie friends. mark mark mark mark! The Santa hat, the cupid costume, and on and on. Get my drift with the costume thingy?

When he had the chance at some quality time with that cute little poodle down the street and you picked him up and brought him home. Ohhhh a bunch of little marks. Did he ever stop you from your one-on-one time with your woman? Okay, there was that one time, but once does not start to make up for the times you cheated him out of a good time! Okay one mark taken away. I have not even mentioned the trip to the vet, that left him a little less of a man, then when he went in and now he barks in high soprano!!!!!!!!! That would completely fill the list!

So next time Fido wants some steak, a walk or some quality time, you might think twice before poo pooing the idea. You might stay much healthier if you do!

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