Paint Fast with the Sherwin-Williams Purdy Colossus Roller Cover

One of the cheapest ways to give a face look or new look to any room in your home is to paint it. You can get drastic results by spending as little as $40 on a gallon of paint. We’ve been painting our entire home, room by room. Some of the work I did myself and some I hired out. One of the painting contractors who worked for me gave me a fabulous tip on choosing the proper paint roller cover, raving about the Sherwin-Williams Purdy® Colossus Paint Roller.

The Sherwin-Williams Purdy® Colossus Paint Roller comes in three different sizes: 9″ by 1″, 9″ by 1/2″, and 9″ by 3/4″. They have a nap of 1″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ and are made of polyamide materials and claim to hold more paint that similar roller covers and states it is 25% more absorbent than a typical polyester roller cover.

When I learned that the Purdy® Colossus Paint Roller retailed for almost $7.00 I was a bit hesitant to give it a try, but I urge any painters to give this product a try. If you hate to paint as much as I do, you probably look for products that will make your chore easier and the job completed faster. The Purdy® Colossus Paint Roller does just that for me!

You may wonder what makes this paint roller worth the high price tag. It has a nice thick nap that is similar to lambskin rollers and it holds a lot of paint which means the job gets done in less time. While using this roller the paint does not splatter nearly as much, which is great, but the best feature is there are no ugly paint lines on my wall that many paint rollers leave behind.

I wouldn’t spend the money on this roller if I had a very small job to complete, but when I am painting an entire room it certainly pays off, in more ways than one. Sherwin-Williams states that the Colossus roller covers hold and release more paint than any other Purdy roller fabric.

I’m so glad I learned about this paint roller! I never would have spent the money for this product had I not been told by a professional painter how well it performed. I highly recommend it.

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