Paint Trends for 2012

The year 2012 promises to bring astrology, space, planets, and the supernatural as themes for all types of fashion and trends. The hoopla that surrounds the ringing in of this year can be traced as far back as the ancient Mayans. The Mayan culture and other ancient civilazations have pinpointed the year 2012 as being very significant in one way or another. Many of the the theories about space, planets, and astrological events contain reference to the year 2012 in one way or another. This will be the main reason that most of the fashion trends and paint trends for the year 2012 will have something to do with the sky and all that it contains.

The easiest way to get a jump on this upcoming trend is to give your house a fresh coat of paint. You can easily turn your home into an astrological mood setter by using the perfect shades of paint to muster up the feelins of any sky, star, or planet that you’d like to feel in that particular room. Here are some super sky shades to consider when planning your home makeover for 2012.

Peacetime Blue
This shade of blue is as light as the blue of a bright day. It’s soft and inviting. It has the energy and feel of the light beams given off from the sun, shooting out through the tops of the clouds. It has just enough blue to give the bright shade a relaxing vibe.

Go Blue
When a room is painted with this sahde, it will give off the feel of the deep dark blue of outer space. This almost chalky dark blue would be very easy to accent with any small, bright objects. Each accent would cast off a spark just as the stars do against the backdrop of space.

Convival Red
The sister planet Mars will be brought to mind every time you glance at this dusty red color. It has the glow and depth of the shades given off by this close friend of ours in the galaxy. It’s perfect for any masculine room or any room where you would like to give off the feeling of power.

Naturalist Stone
This is medium stone grey. It gives off the same tones as meteors flying through the cosmos. Powerful yet quiet, this color is the perfect shade to use in any family room or open area. It is alo perfect for use as an accent shade against any of the other shades in the sky family.

Lemon Balm
The light yellow, off white shade that is given off by shooting stars as they jet across the night skies. This shade is particulary great as an accent shade against the dark sky shades that might be used for full walls. This is also the pefect shade for a bright kitchen or dining room.

Edge of Time
This coral shade will stir up images of jupiter. It has the same dusty coral color that swirls behind the brown and yellow strips seen on jupiter. It is a strong color that would look great in any hall or foyer. This shade would also be great in any pool room or play room.

Clementine Tart
Here is a rose-purple shade that brings to mind the last colors to show against the backdrop of a night sky. The rose gives a calming effect while the purple adds some strength. This color would be perfect in a romantic bedroom.

Treasure Chest
This orange shade is glowing like the Sun on a steamy summer evening. It has an energetic feel and gives off a very vibrant and lively vibe. Choose this color for any room that needs some brightening up. This shade will serve well as an accent shade against any other dark shade of the sky.

I found every one of these colors while shopping at my favorite paint store. You can find them at These shades were all chosen for the similarities they have to particular planets and other features of the universe, particularly features of our sky. Consider your favorite aspects of the sky and the universe when choosing the shades for your 2012 home makeover.

Be sure to consider the mood you want to create in each room when you choose your sky shades. Remember that by using accent colors, you can recreate the feel of planets and stars against your sky backgound colors. Have fun with color and be sure to be the first on your block to a part of the 2012 paint trend of going cosmic.

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