Paper Headboard

When you become addicted to scrapbook making you just can’t help yourself; you purchase papers and borders, conversation bubbles and stickers. After all, it’s an addiction. Of course, your particular addiction turns out gorgeous, one-of-a-kind memory books that you’ll cherish forever. It’s too bad, though, that you have all of that scrapbook paper left over. You know you’ll never use those same papers again. It’s such a shame to let them sit there for years, unused. Why not give them a new life as a headboard? You can’t make too many headboards that are cheaper, prettier, or easier to create.

Have you seen today’s scrapbook papers? If you can name it, they have it. Papers that look like babbling brooks, papers that look like quilt blocks, papers with solid colors, stripes, polka dots – you’ll find those and much more, which means you’ll be able to create absolutely any headboard you want. Use papers that all look alike or use assorted paper colors and patterns to create a design of your own imagination.

Start at the bottom of the wall (or an area just below the bottom edge of the mattress) to make the headboard. Go across the width of the bed to make the first row. Continue making one row on top of another until the headboard is as tall as you want. Stick each paper to the wall by using double-sided tape. Just put a piece on each corner, and a couple pieces across the middle, then put the paper on the wall. Don’t worry if some edges aren’t stuck to the wall; you can take care of that later.

After the scrapbook papers are on the wall you can give them a more finished look with tape. Tape now comes in many colors; choose one to create headboard accents and to tape the edges. Tape vertically, down each row, then tape across each row, horizontally. To completely finish, tape around the perimeter of the headboard.

The scrapbook paper headboard is a beautiful thing to behold and anyone who sees it will agree. But one of the things you’ll love the most about it is that, anytime you feel like a change, all you have to do is rip it off of the wall, and make yourself another one. Since the headboard is so cheap and easy to craft, you can make one for each holiday, each season, or for any reason at all.
Scrapbook Paper Headboard

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