Paranormal Equipment

One concern of a paranormal investigator is where to get equipment. When looking for equipment you want to be sure you are getting from a reputable place. Next you need to decide what it is you really need. Once you figure that out you need to find a place to purchase your items.

Ghost Mart:

This site has a lot of different equipment to choose from. You also have the option to build your own kit! This is great! They everything from your most basic needs, such as a flashlight to your more extravagant wants, such as a DVR system.

Ghost Hunter Store:

Some investigators are usually looking for the newest and latest in equipment. This site offers you a look at some of the things that are new. On this site you will find a listing of their products, tech support, and classes.

Get Ghost Gear:

This site is known as the paranormal investigating equipment superstore. They have all your needs! This site also has guides to learning about all of the equipment that they sell. A must see site!

Ghost Hunting Tools:

This site has a long list of catagories. If you know what you want, you can definitely find it here. They have everything from equipment cases to laser grids. A huge variety of equipment to choose from.

Catch A Ghost Paranormal Equipment:

This site is your one-stop shop for equipment. This site has laser products, Ion generators, ghost traking kit, audio, IR & UV illuminators, trigger props, metaphysical, and equipment cases.

Just remember when deciding on what to get and where to go make sure you trust where you are getting this equipment. Always check out your local stores too. You would be surprised at what you can purchase and use on an investigation. Enjoy and remember to always have fun!

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