Passion is the Real Political Difference

The Tea Party has exposed both the Democrats and Republican Parties. The Democrats have more passion for their cause than the Republicans. They also have more to lose, and they are fighting to keep a spot on easy street. The Republicans, while unhappy with the current situation in our country, continue to work hard, save what they can, and try to do what think is right, while saying little or doing anything to stop it. The Democrats on the other hand, complain about the government not doing enough to help them make it through the hard times. They look for handouts, entitlements, and anything else they can do to get out of working hard, without someone else paying for it. They expect the government to be able to coddle them from the womb to the tomb, and historically this ideology will fail.

The Tea Party, has exposed this by saying no. No to big government, no to handouts, no to borrowing, but mainly just by saying no. The members of the Tea Party have been called, radicals, right wingers, terrorists, fanatics, crazy, idiots, and so much more. All because of saying no. Had the Republicans said no more often in the past, our country would not be in the sad state it is now. People will take what they can get, and for far to long we have given to many to much. It is time for every American to get up and do what they can to help our country regain the position we have held since 1776. A place where if you worked hard and you treated people fairly you could live the American Dream.
The Tea Party like them or not has made this clear to all who look without a personal agenda. The answer has to be no from time to time.

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