Personalized Sports Beer Glasses

Who doesn’t know someone who is a sports fan? We all have a dad, uncle, brother, husband, boyfriend, or other people in our lives who love sports. Whether it be baseball, basketball, or football, these people, for the most part, love to collect things bearing their favorite team’s logo or colors. But if you’ve shopped for those sorts of things you know that the most simple thing – like a mug or fleece throw – can cost a lot of money. If you need a gift for a sports fan you can easily make something that looks expensive but isn’t. Get on over to your nearest dollar-theme store and you can quickly and easily craft a set of beer glasses that your sports nut will love.

Beer and sports – they sort of go hand-in-hand, don’t they? So when you give the sports fan in your life a set of customized beer glasses he or she will think you had them personalized just for them – and everyone knows that’s expensive. So, he or she will think you put a lot of effort and money into finding the perfect gift.

Dollar-theme stores sell a nice selection of glassware and you’ll easily find two or more glasses that are appropriate for turning into sports beer glasses. The best glasses are clear ones, featuring smooth glass without etching. Gift a set of two, four, or more.

Look around online or at your local craft store and you’ll find so many stickers, it’s crazy. Choose a single letter, a team logo, or another sticker. Today’s stickers are made on a clear background and, once it’s on the glass, you can barely see the sticker itself. The logo or other image is prevalent and you’ll see just a bare outline of the sticker edges.

It’s important that you place each sticker in the same location on the glasses. It can be helpful to make a small marker line or dot to show you where to place the top of the sticker. You might also want to mark the glass where the sides of the sticker will be so that the sticker isn’t lopsided.

You’ll have no trouble finding a box for the sports beer glasses when you look at a craft store. They have a large selection of inexpensive, paper mache boxes to accommodate the glasses set. Paint the box or leave it as it is. Shred paper and fill the box with it, then lay the glasses on it, and make sure to align them so that all the logos are facing up. Your sports fan will go crazy!
Sports Beer Glasses

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