Pet Grooming is a Responsibility

Many of the pets purchased today are purebred. The care required for maintaining health and value is something that you should know about as well as the responsibilities involved for the owner. Many households still choose to have a mixed breed house pet. These people may perhaps feel that the responsibilities of caring for a mixed breed are just limited to veterinarian care, food, toys, and accessories. However the family who has acquired a free puppy or kitten must consider the importance of pet grooming when looking at the expenses and responsibilities involved in caring for the new family member.

If a family chooses a short haired pet, they may feel that the obligation for daily grooming is alleviated. However, this is a mistake. The shorter haired pet still requires regular brushing to stimulate a healthy coat and reduce loose hair. The indoor pet will leave hair throughout their environment so brushing is essential to maintain a cleaner home. Also, indoor pets are subjected to the same environmental influences as their human counterparts. Dry, hot, furnace heat and air conditioning dehydrates the skin causing it to flake. Although more apparent with darker toned breeds, this same thing is taking place in the family pet. Dandruff-like flaking appears on the dog or cat’s coat when they are stimulated either buy your hand or a brush. This is an indication of dry skin.

Including supplements or vitamins into the pet’s diet can give your pet relief, but including regular baths into it’s grooming routine will give the best results. Some individuals choose to do this themselves, but the local pet groomer will also do this for a reasonable fee.

Pet grooming does not stop with the animal’s skin and coat. There are other needs that require regular attention as well. A home that now has a domestic cat, needs to have its members involved in training the cat to use the scratching post. If you fail to do this, the decision to have a de-clawing performed might have to be made. Today’s pet grooming advances have made it possible to get by without de-clawing the cat. A pet groomer can clip the tips off of the front claws or soft pads can be applied to the claws, keeping the nails from damaging furniture and other inappropriate surfaces. When started at a young age, the adult cat will readily submit to these procedures, but the responsible pet owner really should talk with their veterinarian about which options are the best for the animal, and what kind of expenses they would entail.

The family who now has a new dog in the home has to realize their responsibilities with regard to their pet’s nail care. Regardless of size, a dog’s nails can be damaging if they aren’t kept at a proper length. This doesn’t just include the home and property, but harming the animal itself. Nails that aren’t clipped can cause the pet to walk in an awkward manner, or could lead to other foot problems. So this is a nail care necessity. Some dogs are fairly submissive and don’t require assistance, but this is often not the case. A veterinarian may be needed to perform this particular grooming task. This could become expensive. Many professionals will train pet owners how to do the job themselves. The pet owner has to realize however, that they should begin this procedure as soon as possible, at regular intervals, and the normally docile family dog may react adversely to the nail clipping.

Regardless of initial costs in acquiring a family pet, the family needs to be aware of the responsibilities that they have chosen to undertake. The animal must be healthy and this requires finding a good medical professional. Also the family must understand the obligations of regular pet grooming that their pet lives a long and happy life.

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