Peyton Manning Breaks Record

Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, is known for his skills on the field and he has broken some records in his NFL career, but this year he has broken a record that many fans are not happy about. After 13 years and 220 career game opening throws, Peyton will break that record by not opening on Sunday when the Colts open their 2011-2012 season. Due to a neck surgery that is not healing as doctors and trainers had hoped, Manning and the Colts franchise announced today that Peyton will not be playing this week and there is no report as to when he will be returning to play.

The record for consecutive starts goes to Brett Favre and Peyton was close to that record, but now the other quarterback that people will be looking to break that record is Manning’s brother, Eli. He currently has 108 career starts. There are many fans who are truly upset that Peyton will not open the season game and especially the year that Indianapolis will be hosting the Super Bowl.

Many fans believe that the team will not be as good without Peyton and many feel that the season is going to be a slow and agonizing season. Although, the team did pick up veteran quarterback, Kerry Collins just a few weeks ago to play in place of Peyton. However, ticket sales in Indianapolis are already seeing an impact from the announcement today.

Peyton has led his team to many playoff games and to the Super Bowl a few times and even to a Super Bowl victory. Peyton is known for being the stronghold of the team and so whether the team can win without him or not is a real question right now. Some fans will continue to support the Colts whether Peyton is on the field or on the sidelines.

Peyton made an announcement stating that he is doing all he can to heal and that he hopes to do all he can to return to the game. He is currently suffering some back pain during practices and is experiencing nerve issues from the neck surgery. His treatment suffered when he could not meet with his trainers during the NFL lockout. Many are left to wonder how long he will be out.

Can Kerry Collins and the Colts can play a good game without their star quarterback and without him starting this first game of the season? Can Peyton heal and return to the game? Colts fans sure hope that Peyton returns and leads the Colts to a Super Bowl Championship on their home field.

Source: radio and news reports

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