Pittsburgh Bars: Doubleday’s Famous Burgers

Doubleday’s Famous Burgers is a cheap easy place to eat within easy walking distance of PNC park. Located on 6th Ave. on the Downtown Pittsburgh side of the bridge, it is convenient, cheap, and a easy choice for a lunch or snack.

Doubleday’s has a modest menu of a few burgers, a selection of snacks appetizers, and the drinks typical of this kind of bar. A few beers, a few burgers, and you aren’t likely to notice anything out of the ordinary from that perspective. The burgers are quite tasty however, being simple, well made, and distinctly not microwave cooked. They take some time to get to the table, but you won’t walk out thinking that the burger was sub-par by any metric.

The biggest selling point of Doubleday’s Famous Burgers is the price tag. Doubleday’s is cheap when compared to most “bar & restaurants” Downtown or around the stadiums. A decent burger within the park might run over $8, while these are around $5. Chili & cheese fries can be had for less than $3 and they will be more than enough to act as a meal for one or a side for up to three. Finally, they have the crowd pleasing tater tots on the menu for only about $2, and everyone loves tater tots. As long as we are covering all of the fried foods, the onion rings are a good bet as well.

The atmosphere in Doubleday’s Famous Burgers is fairly simple. There are a few televisions, and the place isn’t too bright nor extremely dim. Overall, I would rate it as a middle-of-the-pack bar in terms of atmosphere. There is nothing significantly pretentious either. For a mid-week lunch, the place is empty enough that you won’t wait in a line for seating nor service, making it one of the more convenient places in town.

If what you need isn’t fancy, and you just need a cheap bite to eat without any pretentiousness, crowd, or waste of time, consider stopping in to Doubleday’s. That is especially the case if you are planning to see the Pittsburgh Pirates, since you can get double the food for your money without sacrificing anything on the way into the stadium.

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