Planning an Adult Halloween Cocktail Party

A fun way to celebrate Halloween as an adult is by having a cocktail party. Invite some friends over for a memorable bash with these tips.

When I throw my annual Halloween party, I usually schedule it for after 8 p.m.. That way everyone has time to eat dinner and take the kids trick or treating. If you’re not great at making drinks, have a friend come over early to help or ask everyone to bring their own ingredients like candy or flavored liqueur, so they can share in the fun of mixing. You’ll also need plenty of clean glasses for every cocktail you plan to serve to your guests. If you don’t have enough, you can pick up some cheap ones at the thrift store or borrow extras from the neighbors. Once you got your glasses, stock up on ice and make sure you have extra cocktail shaker. Discount stores usually have inexpensive plastic ones that you can use as a spare. Even though it’s a party, you don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money. Good drinks and lots of laughter is will make the party fun.

When it comes to decorations and food, keep it simple. I usually pile bags of candy into pumpkins or arrange candy and small pumpkins on a platter. To go along with the cocktails, I set out snacks that don’t require any cooking like cheese and crackers. Breadsticks, chips and cheese straws are also easy snacks you can serve. Since everyone has already eat and the main focus is the drinks, there’s no need to put out a ton of food. Another important thing to decide on is your drinks. I would suggest having two to three different drinks that go along with the Halloween theme. For example, I usually serve drinks inspired by different candies like candy corn or gummy worms. To make them, I just mix together different liquors and flavors to recreate the taste. To go along with drinks, I also have several non-alcoholic options, like orange soda and fruit punch for those that don’t drink.

With a Halloween cocktail party, adult trick-or-treaters get to have just as much fun as the little ones. If you really want to have a good time, have a costume contest! Whoever has the best costume, could win a cool prize like a gift certificate or their own cocktail set.

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