Poetic Expression: Edible Sadness

Time is torture. Time is pain. It feels as if I will go insane. So much time that I must spend in wait. It drives me mad of that there is no debate. I get consumed by the futile frustration. A constant notion that wears down the soul with feelings of anguish that one cannot control.

Time is tribulation. Time is treachery. The way its passing keep pummeling me with a sort of manic anxiety, that makes me want to give up and just flee. Flee with the one that I know to be the answer to all of my problems that make me constantly scream. The light at the end of this turbulence filled tunnel. Like a despondent tunnel in which one must travel.

Here I dribble with my nonsensical drabble. I scribble illogical with the quickness of scrabble. Its due to the pain that my mind it unravels.. It takes away all understanding and my psyche it shackles..

The waiting the waiting the waiting is horrible.

A force of fallacies.

Sadness so real that its edible.

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