Polymer Clay Tutorial: Christmas Dachshund Ornament

If you are a dachshund lover or have one in your life, you can give them a cheap homemade gift and celebrate the lovable dog breed at the same time. Using polymer clay, you can mold a dachshund and then add a Christmas touch.

After the clay bakes, you can string up the dachshund and hang on your Christmas tree for a yearly tradition.


Black, brown, red and white polymer clay. A multi-color pack of clay will provide you with more than enough for the project. A craft knife is need to slice small sections of clay. Gather two to three toothpicks for crafting the smaller details. Red, green or gold ribbon will be used for the ornament hanging. Add glitter to the project if you want a shimmering touch at the end.

Dachshund Body

Cut off an inch of black polymer clay. Knead the clay and roll it out to break it in. Fold it together into a ball and then roll it out to create the elongated body. Press in four small indents under the body to make room for the legs.

Cut off four small quarter inch pieces of black clay. Roll them into four quart inch legs. Press the legs into the four indents on the body. Lay the body on the side so there is no pressure on the legs.

Add a touch of brown clay to each paw. Cut off 20 slivers of black clay and attach them as five fingernails for each paw. Press them in so a slight bit of the clay hangs off the edge of the paw.

Dachshund Head

Roll a chunk of black clay into a ball. Shape out a round skull with a long snout. Add two extra pieces of black clay to the side of the skull. Flatten and spread the pieces out to create large floppy ears. The ears should extend larger than the skull.

Add small brown clay details to the front of the snout. Place two small brown dots over the eye position on the head. Use a toothpick to detail the whiskers and indents for the eyes.

Roll two small pieces of white clay to create the eyes. Press the eyes in deep for a realistic look. Adjust the shape of the head after you apply the eyes because it could become distorted. Use a small black dot on each eye for the pupil.

Use small strokes of the toothpick around the whole dachshund body to create the illusion of fur. Roll a piece of black clay to create a skinny long tail on the dachshund. Aim the tail upward or downward.

Santa Hat

Cut off a chunk of red clay. Roll the clay into a cone shape using a clockwise circular motion. Place the hat up to the dachshund head to see if it fits and then adjust as needed. Roll out a piece of white clay to add trim on the bottom of the hat. Add a white clay ball to the top of the hat. Press the hat into the dachshund’s head and make any needed adjustment.

Stick a toothpick through the center-top of the dachshund’s body to create a hole for the ornament. Bake the creation based off the clay package directions. When baking completes, tie a ribbon through the hole to complete the ornament.

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