Popcorn Turkey

Some of us get carried away with the turkey place settings, turkey dinner, turkey decorations. Well, it’s Thanksgiving, so go ahead and have your fun before the holiday is gone. Never mind how many turkeys you already have on display or to eat. There’s one turkey your kids or guests don’t want you to forget this year. It’s a turkey full of popcorn. What better snack to hold them over until the other turkey is finished? A popcorn turkey is an unusual but cool way to give your family or guests a treat.

When you make a brown paper bag turkey it almost looks like the real thing – for a second. But this turkey is full of a delicious snack for those whose stomachs are grumbling. You’ll need a large, brown paper bag and two lunch-size, brown paper bags. The color of the bags is perfect for the look of a baked turkey. You’ll also need three to four bags of popped corn – without butter.

Start by putting your fist inside one of the lunch bags. Mold the bag around your fist to create a drumstick. After taking your hand out, fill the shape with popcorn, then twist the “wrist” area of the bag to close it and to shape the drumstick. Do the same thing to the other lunch-size bag.

If you want, you can make paper fringe to go around the ends of the drumsticks. Just cut a piece of white paper in half, then fold it in half, lengthways, and cut fringe along the edge. Wrap one around each drumstick – at the small end – and tape in place.

Open up a large, brown paper bag and fill it with popped corn. Tuck the corners of the bottom in to give it a more rounded shape. Close the bag by bringing both sides together, folding the corners down, then folding the top edge down.

Set the turkey on a tray and use hot glue to attach the two drumsticks. To serve the popcorn, just tear open any of the bags to reveal the popcorn. Before that, the brown paper turkey looks cute, but after it’s ripped to shreds, the empty bags can just be tossed in the trash.

The popcorn turkey offers you a way to work one more turkey into the Thanksgiving holiday, while feeding hungry people a light snack until dinner is served.
Popcorn Turkey

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