Premium Golf Instruction for Your Short Game with the Pros

Golf is a sport that has taken the world by sport. Once viewed as an exclusively white upper-class pseudo-sport, it’s become a favorite of millions of people all over the world. Golf is peaceful and largely absent of the problems that plague other professional sports, such as the use of performance-enhancing drugs. This is because golf is almost purely a game of skill, and that is precisely what makes it so difficult to learn.

Phil Mickelson is regarded as the best short game player in all of golf, and he is sharing his tips, instruction, and he is sharing his style in “Secrets of the Short Game”. Great golfers such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer have given back to the sport that gave them so much, and Mickelson is the latest to give away his secrets in instruction produced by Terry Jastrow, an Emmy award winner. “Secrets of the Short Game” was one of the highest-earning golf DVDs in 2010, and for good reason. The program is two hours of what Phil Mickelson calls the important part of any player’s golf game. Half of all shots taken are within fifty yards of the hole. Mickelson’s two decades of experience in the PGA have given him the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t, and show you only the best techniques possible. This program is designed for a skilled golfer, but players of any level will gain a tremendous amount of knowledge from it. Beginners need not feel intimidated. “The goal here is to help golfers build a foundation so that their practice time directly correlates to improved scoring on the golf course.”

Phil begins the series with a brief introduction to his golfing philosophy and approach to his favorite game. The package is jam-packed with important information and advice on improving your golf game.The DVDs includes sections on putting, chipping (with his very own “hinge and hold” method), sand shots, and the flop shot for which Mickelson is known for popularizing after his entry into the PGA in 1992. The first DVD focuses on putting and chipping.

The second DVD focuses on the flop shot, bunker play, the specialty shot, using the LazrAimer, extra advice from Phil, and a behind the scenes look at the production of the series. Phil also shares his fondest and most important memories of the short game on the tee with you.

Phil ends the DVD with several comments and additional advice. This two-dvd box set is available for $49.95 with only $8.95 for shipping. As an added bonus, the set comes with a coupon for 10% off at purchases on Golf Shop Live. Even an hour of golf instruction from the so-called experts costs more than golf instruction from the legendary Phil Mickelson. He is a 39-time winner on the PGA with career earnings totaling over a cool $60 million. This deal is a snag.

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