Princess Table Canopy

What little girl doesn’t dream that she is – or one day will be – a fairy princess? Almost every young girl dreams of being a princess, and for now, she’s happy to pretend. If she’s having a princess-theme birthday party there are lots of easy crafts you can do to create a princess theme. Around a table, bed or other area, set up a frilly, lacy princess tent and the girls at the party will have a gorgeous place to play or a beautiful surrounding for the party table.

Make the canopy in your little girl’s favorite color whether it be pink, white, blue, purple or another color. Purchase tulle by the roll to make the tent; you’ll need to do no sewing at all. Tulle is a very lightweight material that looks like stiff netting. When you use it to make the tent you end up with something so beautiful that it looks like it was part of a princess movie set.

Measure from the ceiling to the floor, and halfway back up to the ceiling, to get an idea of how long to cut each piece of tulle. Cut several pieces of tulle or many, depending upon how large you need the tent to be. For this project we’ll use two pieces for the backside of the tent, two for each side, and two for the front. But, you can add more or fewer pieces to create just the tent you want.

Gather the end of one tulle piece in your fist. Gather the next piece and put it in the same hand. Continue to do this until you’re holding all the tulle ends. If it’s too much to hold in one hand, wrap a rubber band around the ends, then tuck in more and more until you have as many as you want. The latter works well because, when all the material is gathered by the ends, a rubber band will be wrapped around them to keep them secure. Before wrapping the rubber band tightly, fold a cord in half, then place the ends together with the tulle. This will create a hanger for the canopy.

Screw a “c” hook into the ceiling where you want the top of the tent to be. Hang the short loop of twine on the hook. Take the first tulle panel, measure down about halfway, and tie a piece of fishing twine around it. Connect the opposite end to the ceiling with a tack. Do this to each of the panels of tulle. Fishing twine is nearly invisible so you’ll barely be able to see it. When you tie the twine around the individual panels, and attach the twine to the ceiling, you extend the tent out and away from the table or bed.

Tie the two front panels to the next ones so that you create an open door effect. If you want, glue on fake jewels, silk flowers or even string white Christmas lights on it the tulle. The finished canopy looks fabulous over a table, around a group of sleeping bags, or elsewhere in the house. The girls can gather under it and have a real princess party.

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