Product Review: Vitacost Chocolate Calcium Soft Chews

My body seems to need a bit more calcium these days to help keep my weak bones strong and healthy. Some of the daily supplements I have been taking are the Vitacost Chocolate Calcium Soft Chews. These supplements are easy and tasty to take and contain 500 mg of calcium per chew, which is perfect for my bones and body.

The Vitacost Chocolate Calcium Soft Chews come in a bag with about 60 individually wrapped soft chews inside. The soft chews remind me of eating chocolate tootsie rolls or taffy. The chews are easy to chew, but they make me so thirsty because they are really sweet with chocolate flavoring. Some of the other potent nutrients in these soft chews that are beneficial to my bones and body are vitamin D and K. These vitamins are needed to help absorb the calcium in our bodies naturally. There is also 1 mg of iron in these chews so be careful if you have high amounts of iron in your system already. You do not want to end up with iron poisoning. Some of the other ingredients that help make the chews are sunflower oil, condensed milk, palm oil, sugar and corn syrup. These ingredients are all natural, which is another thing I really like about these supplements.

Now I only take one calcium soft chew a day, but depending on if you have a bone disease or not you might be able to take two or three. However, I would recommend talking to your doctor to find out what the proper dosage of calcium would be for you. Sometimes too much calcium can be bad because it can irritate the stomach, cause constipation and can make you thirsty to the point you get headaches. Now when I take these calcium supplements I have no side effects are all and do fine with them. However, I do always have them with a meal because taking a calcium supplement without food on an empty stomach seems to make me nausea to the point I vomit. Otherwise, these are excellent calcium supplement for me to take and my bones and body do feel stronger and healthier when I do take them.

I would definitely recommend the Vitacost Chocolate Calcium Soft Chews to anyone needing a bit of calcium in their diet due to disease or lack of getting into your diet through drinking milk and eating dairy products. I do think the chews are affordable, tasty and work well. If the chews were not any of those things, I would not be taking them myself.

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