Prohibiting Water Fluoridation at the National Level

History of Municipal Water Fluoridation

Fluoridation has been added to the water supply of many communities in the United States since 1945. Today, nearly 70% of the US population (or 200 million people) drink fluoridated water each day. These US numbers account for half the population of the world who are drinking artificially fluoridated water.

The US Public Health Department endorsed adding fluoride to the public drinking water to fight tooth decay in the 1940’s. Very few countries have endorsed this practice as extensively as the United States has. Only eight countries including Australia, Colombia, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States have more than 50% of their population drinking artificially fluoridated water.

There are some countries with such high natural fluoride levels in the water that measures are being taken to remove naturally occurring fluoride from the water supply due to health concerns. These countries include India, China and parts of Africa.

What is the Source of the Fluoridation of the US Water Supply

The phosphate mining industry discovered an alternative way to dispose of the toxic hydrofluosilicic acid waste product also called flurorosilicic acid. This acid is formed as a byproduct from phosphate rock fertilizer. An earlier source of this acid was from the waste of nuclear weapons.

Instead of the mining companies paying to dispose of this product sixty years ago, this non-pharmaceutical agricultural grade fluoride product was sold to municipal water departments, mixed into the water supply and thus producing artificial fluoridation of the water supply. Many people mistakenly assume that the fluoride in the municipal water supply is a dental grade fluoride product, but this is not the case.

Long Term Effects of Fluoridation

Over half of the teenagers in the United States show some signs of dental fluorosis on their teeth. This is caused by a too high intake of fluoride. The children with severe fluorosis have mottled or discolored teeth that will require extensive and expensive dental repair.

Other effects of long term fluoridation include lowered IQ, impaired mental development and dementia. In some people, there is damage to kidneys, pineal and thyroid glands. Other results include hyperactivity and/or lethargy, chronic fatigue and disrupted immune system. Arthritic symptoms and digestive tract (gastrointestinal) problems also happen. Go to the Fluoride Action Network for more information about professional perspectives on fluoridation and the countless health issues caused from dumping hazardous waste into municipal water supplies.


In Europe, most of the countries have decided to not add additional fluoride to the water supply and the children’s teeth have not suffered. Individual cities in Ireland are having hearings to remove artificial fluoridation from the water supply.

In the US, government officials and dental leaders have put so much effort into defending fluoridation, that there is high liability waiting with the people who have suffered hip fractures, arthritis, bone cancer, brain disorders and thyroid problems. Public policy needs to be based on sound science and not political expediency.

Communities and Large Cities Considering Removing Artificial Fluoridation

Some communities in the United States have removed artificial fluoridation from their water supply. The most recent is College Station, Texas, which removed fluoridation from their water supply citing the cost savings and the easy availability of fluoridated toothpastes and mouthwashes. Others in North America including Nelson County, Virginia; Bolivar, Missouri; Dunedin, Florida; Smith Falls, Ontario; Williams Lake, British Columbia; Hinton, Alberta; Churchill, Manitoba are considering removing this product.

In New York City, which provides drinking water for 8 million people, there are plans to introduce a City Council bill and then await a public hearing on removing artificial fluoridation from the city water supply.


The Fluoride Action Network has compiled a list of the Top 10 Arguments against Fluoridation and the 50 Reasons to Oppose Artificial Fluoridation of public water supplies. Since 2004, there have been many major scientific developments including the publication of the U.S. National Research Council report (NRC, 2006); the publication of Bassin’s study on Osteosarcoma (Bassin 2006), and many more studies of fluoride’s interaction with the brain. These lists were updated in August, 2011. See links below.

What You Can Do

There is now an opportunity to add your name to a petition at the White House to ban artificial fluoridation of the US municipal water supply. The ending date is October 26 to sign this document. After the goal number of petition signers is reached, the White House must then issue an official response to this petition.!/petition/prohibit-all-federal-agencies-promoting-endorsing-or-funding-fluoridation-public-drinking-water/SRYL4NwC

Sources Check out your local water supplies and fluoridation levels!/petition/prohibit-all-federal-agencies-promoting-endorsing-or-funding-fluoridation-public-drinking-water/SRYL4NwC Link to White House to sign petition by Oct 26 Top 10 reasons against fluoridation 50 reasons to oppose fluoridation Professional perspectives on fluoridation on YouTube

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