Project Ideas for Recycled Pallet Wood

Do you know where to get a few used wood pallets? Then you’ve got what it takes to make a number of home accessories. Recycle pallet wood into usable items to bring rustic charm to your interior spaces. From shelving to furniture, wood pallets have a ton of possibilities for transformation. Let me show you what you can do.

• Shelves

Creating a shelf from pallet wood is easy. Use one length for the back of the shelf, another for the bottom and screw them together with two more short pieces on either end. You can even use another piece of pallet wood to create a front rail on your shelf – depending on what you what to display.

• Shoe Rack

It doesn’t get any easier than this recycling project. Lean a wood pallet against your wall with the boards in a horizontal direction. Then stuff your shoes, boots and sneakers in – toes first – to create a make-shift shoe rack. If you feel the need to get fancy, paint or stain the rack to match your room.

• Beds

There are so many ways to create headboards, footboards or entire bed frames out of wood pallets. For an easy project, mount two pallets, side-by-side on the wall for a quick headboard. Or go a step further and create a rustic twin bed with pallets on wheels for the bed frame and more pallets for the headboard and footboard.

If you’re really ambitious, you can take your wood pallets apart to salvage the boards and create a platform bed. Leave it rustic or sand and finish the wood, as desired.

• Patio Furniture

Outdoor patio furniture and wood pallets just seem to go together. Create easy folding chairs from reclaimed wood or you can even use the materials to build Adirondack-style seating. Don’t forget to save a few pieces to make matching side tables.

• Coffee Table

Low profile pallet wood coffee tables are also fun and easy to make. Add wheels or other elements to the pallet for legs and to raise the structure up a bit. Then sand the table down for a smoother finish or top it with a piece of glass and you’re done.

• Wall Coverings

Don’t neglect your walls – they can share in the pallet wood experience, too. Cover them completely with recycled wood, space the planks for an interesting design or use short pieces of wood to create a rustic wainscoting.

Whatever you select as your wood pallet project, just remember some of these safety basics. Always know what your pallet is made from or what it has been treated with to avoid toxic materials. Inspect your pallets for left-over nails or foreign objects that may have gotten lodged in the wood before you cut – as these items can create a forceful kick back when cutting. And always wear your safety glasses when working with power tools.

Check out the pictures and inspiration for this article in the Wood Pallet ideabook on Houzz. You’re sure to find an idea for turning your old wood pallet into something new and useful.

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