Prove It, Jesus!

In Matthew 27 we find ourselves in the midst of the betrayal, the trial, and crucifixion of Jesus. After being beaten and spat upon Jesus was finally murdered for no reason, although all of this was prophesied by the scriptures in order for sinners to have grace from God. However, in verse forty two and forty three. The elders and the chief priest had the gall to demand that Jesus come from the cross in order for them to believe that he was indeed the Son of God. After all the miracles: the blind seeing, the lame walking, the demon possessed set free, and the dead raised by just speaking the word; it wasn’t enough for the leaders of the day to humble themselves and repent. Jesus is right when he said to them that the tax collectors and harlots would enter into the kingdom of God before them. After they slandered Jesus and beat him they wanted more proof when all the proof was before them.

Sometimes we want Jesus to prove it, I’ll be the first to admit it. However, Jesus has done everything we need in order for us to live and to believe on His name. When Christ said “it is finished”, he meant it. God takes care of us daily, always providing for his children. Even in times of discipline we can know that God cares about us; for He chastens every son He receives not for His profit, but our own. Like the elders we sometimes forget to see the truth before us and we demand that Christ prove himself again and again. We must endeavor whether through Bible reading, prayer, and time alone with God to allow the Holy Spirit to remind us of all the times the Lord aided us throughout our lives. We must muse on God’s direction when we had no idea of what to do, God’s mercy when we were blatantly wrong, and God’s provision when our effort to take care of ourselves were futile.

Now before I go further I want to state plainly that I not suggesting we don’t come to God in prayer bringing our cares before him. God cares about us and wants to hear from us. We should never be afraid to ask God again for strength, direction, finances, mercy, forgiveness, or anything on our hearts. I refer to the conditional attitude that states: “Do this first God and then I’ll believe you.” and when God does it the statement “Well that’s find and dandy but can you do this now, then I truly believe.” quickly arises in the doubter’s heart.

For most of this article the approach has been an encouragement to believers in Christ (and I hope that I have been encouraging) but now turning to the unbeliever, I must warn you not to take the attitude of the elders and chief priest who wanted Christ to come from the cross for proof of His divinity. There are many problems in the world and you may be in many of them now. But the real problem in your life is sin. Aside from everything else (and I mean not to belittle any ordeal you many be going through) sin puts you against God; it is a breech that must be fixed. Asking God to prove Himself before you believe can be an honest supplication, but usually people want a quick fix without honoring their word. God has done everything for you to believe in Jesus. Jesus has come, done the miracles, died for your sins, and risen again to justify you and is ready at this very moment to take you as His own son or daughter.

Look past your past; look past the present hour; your soul is at stake. Instead of asking Jesus to prove it, ask him to live in you.

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