Punch Box Party Game

There were seven kids in my family so, sometimes, my mom and dad had to get pretty creative. They passed clothing down from child to child or made birthday party games that could be used over and over again. One game I remember my dad making was a punch box game. When each special occasion was over, he would just store it in the garage. When I got older I made one for my kids. Now, my grandchildren have one, too. Once you see how easy it is to make a punch box game you’ll create it and have it for years.

I had a lot of fun making my punch box game and you will, too. What you need is a bunch of small boxes – all the same size. The boxes can be paper mache types, from a craft store, or could be postage boxes you’ve saved. No matter what kinds of boxes you use, they should all be fairly small, and have no lids. An appropriate box size would easily accommodate a child’s fist. If your boxes have lids or flaps, remove them.

Use tape or glue dots to connect the boxes together. Set two boxes side-by-side, and tape or glue them, then add on another and another box. Do this to make the bottom row as long as you want it to be. After that, make a row on top of the bottom row, then continue making more and more rows. You can make a square or rectangle shape with the boxes, or arrange something a pyramid shape. Just make sure all the boxes are attached to each other. As you stack them point the open ends towards yourself.

When the stack of boxes is finished place what you want inside each one. These can be party favors, small toys, gift cards, stuffed animals, notes, or most anything else. When each box has a prize, use tissue paper to cover the front of the arrangement. Just tape the tissue paper over the whole stack, and tape it around the entire perimeter.

You’ll be putting an image over each area on the tissue paper where there is a box behind it. So, where the first box in the bottom row is, draw a circle or other shape on the tissue paper with a marker, then make another shape in front of the next box, and so on, so that you have an image in front of each box.

To use the punch box a child simply goes up to the “wall” of boxes and punches one, right where the shape or design is. He or she will follow through by reaching inside the punched box and retrieving the prize.

Kids and adults alike can enjoy the punch prize game. When the event is over, just store the stack of boxes, and break them out again when you have a party. Simply tape another piece of tissue paper over the arrangement, draw the designs over the box openings, and you’re all set. You’ll love this easy-to-make game that can be played at most any special occasion.

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