Put Up or Shut Up! My Thoughts on Teaching and the Martial Arts

Thanks for the interest in wishing to learn the arts, I am still and will continue to be involved in the Martial arts, as an instructor and a competitor until the last breath leaves me.

So be forewarned, if you wish to train, know that this artist does not take anything to do with the art lightly.

It is my perspective, that if the arts are something you are interested in doing, then you have considered a life changing task that entails a life commitment. Commitment, that thing that is lacking in our society today.

What I mean by that is; the arts are much more than a physical strengthening and defensive vehicle to step up to and drive around the block. The arts are truly a way of life. I don’t now or ever intend to get into all the religious ramifications that tend to be an air in and around the systems. However, I believe that the tenets that are learned within the practice are first and foremost.

Respect, Discipline, Courtesy, Patience, Control, Balance, Honor, Compassion…….

I really feel that if all of us in the world today just incorporated those basic ideals in our lives, the world would truly be a different place. Think about how different your life would be if you lived for something, something like yourself and humanity. How much more could you get accomplished if you were completely healthy, mentally and physically?

My background in the arts stems from boxing, however the discipline that grew me, is Tae Kwon Do. What I teach is real, practical working and winning technique along with physically taxing core exercises and stress relieving funnels.

Learn the principles of execution and give me a buzz.

Where ever you are in the world is not an issue, my program is designed to work over video presentation, so from your home, office or where ever you have an internet connection, we can workout together live.
So if you think you can hang, look me up.

As I mentioned earlier, in not as many words, if wanting to change your life, making a life long commitment to do so and having the fabric to infect others with your accomplishments is not a reality to you….. then do yourself a favor, don’t attempt to waste your money or my time. I don’t mean to be a jerk, I just tell it like it is.

My interests are in making the world a better place, I believe that can be done by making people better, so if you do not have what it takes to either be a champion as a fighter or to be the Best you can be as an Individual, then it truly is a waste of your money and my time.

My perspective is this, what I teach is not a hobby or just a way to learn how to handle yourself in a threatening situation. It is the ability to grow as an individual, help others do the same and all the things that come with it are just icing on the cake.

Imagine carrying yourself so that anyone that noticed you could feel the positive aura that resonated from you. Your ability to notice everything around you whether it is positive, negative or just an opportunity that may have passed you by in your life before. The energy you will posses from being healthy and the ability you will have to enjoy life.

Imagine just passing by someone and they actually acknowledged your presence and held open a door, said “thank you”, or simply let you move in front of them on the road.

This is the ripple I wish to start, can you help make it a Tsunami? As stated in the heading/title, this article contains the basis to change the world we live in. If you failed to catch that basis let me summarize for you.

Be better to your fellow man/woman, have some patients, get beyond yourself and reach out to help someone else. Mean what you say and stand behind it, If you state you intend to do something, then do it and when you said you were going to do it! You preach to your children ( or we hope you do ) say “please and thank you, yes sir or no ma’am”, try leading by example, back in the day it was common place to help the elderly or anyone for that matter, if you can find an older person walking the street, help them across it. Hold a door open for someone and hope they are courteous as well and don’t steal your place in line. If not hopefully they might catch on if it happens enough. Just do it! That takes strong discipline to keep up, but I’m telling you, if it happens enough and we get it back into our genes, we all will prosper.

Be different so we can become somewhat alike, get healthy, gain energy and profess honor.

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