Quick and Easy Tips to Save Money on Gasoline

When I was in college, I would drive my truck until it was absolutely necessary to fill the gas tank. I’m sure that many days I was operating my truck only on fumes of gasoline as the gauge would be at the orange empty line. This is probably a common experience for college students and is probably also a common experience for holiday travelers. That is why it is important to know how to save gasoline and save money on gasoline.

Accelerate Slowly

I am not a person who likes to zoom immediately when the light changes to green. Of course, I go, but sometimes people get impatient and honk at me because I don’t immediately zip to 50mph if that is the speed limit on the street. I do go the speed limit, but I don’t floor the accelerator to get to that speed. This helps to save gas. The people that zoom around me are wasting gas and thus are wasting in money. In order to reduce gasoline usage and save money on gas, accelerate slowly at green lights and after stopping at stop signs.

Reduce Your Weight

I learned about weight producing drag before I started to drive. I learned about this in middle school because I was in Young Astronauts. I later learned about it in science class. After my sister came home from trying college in Seguin, TX, I kept telling her that she needed to empty the car because all the extra weight from her junk was causing it to use more gas than necessary (besides also being in the way).

Keep Tires Inflated

Every time, before I would go on a road trip, my Daddy would tell me to check the tire pressure. I did not know why at first, but there are a few reasons. First, it’s safer because the tires might pop if they are not properly inflated. Secondly, a flat tire causes the car to work harder to roll and to use more gasoline than necessary.

Don’t Top Off Your Tank

I use to thinking that topping off the gas tank was a good thing because I thought it would give me more gasoline. However, I learned that I should trust the auto shut off because topping off the tank actually usually causes that extra gasoline to evaporate, so I only lose money when topping off the tank.

Close the Gas Tank Cap Tightly

This tips is one that I have always known. Obviously, if the gas tank cap is not put on the car tightly, the gasoline can easily evaporate.

Travel When Traffic is Lighter

I did not know this for certain, but thought that stopping and starting might use more gasoline than necessary. If there are a lot of vehicles on the road, there is going to be a lot of stopping and starting as well as a lot of using the brake to slow down behind other cars. If traffic is lighter, this won’t happen as much.

Consolidate Your Trips

One of the things that drives me crazy is when my mother or my sister wants me to bring them back to a place that isn’t on the way if there is no reason for it to be necessary. I can understand if they are sick or really need to go to the bathroom or change clothes for some reason. However, to go back home or to a different store that is not where I am already going does not make sense because the places are not on the way and this does not save gas or money.

Don’t Fall for Gas Saving Devices

I’ve seen plenty of devices that claim to help save gas. There are even YouTube videos that promote these items. Magnets that clip onto fuel lines that say they will help reduce gas usage don’t work. Fuel efficiency tablets also do not work. Don’t buy these things as they will not improve gas mileage and will only cause you to lose money. I have a feeling the webpages and videos that promote these items are made by people who work for the companies.


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