R Team

Dell didn’t understand why the parents were getting so upset; she could understand why the babies and children were upset. They were too young to know that this was better for them but the adults knew it was the best thing.

The looks on the parents faces were horrific and the begging, absolutely ridiculous! They should be smiling and thankful.

Even the most optimistic scientists predict about 5 years of life left on earth. And 5 shitty years; low oxygen, brutal heat, and filthy water at best.

The plan was to transport everyone to Mars, which was already overpopulated with the wealthy, some middle class and healthcare workers. There was another plan and that was the one Dell was working on, to transport only children under 3 so there would be less overpopulation and to train them into a new way of life. They would learn to service the R team and grow up knowing that this was the only way. There were not enough resources on Mars to live any other way.

Dell called her team leader to report the successful transport of 30 children to the spaceship. The parents were locked up and no traces of their plan would be detected.

The rest of R team transported their assigned children and part 2 of the plan was initiated, all adults except for the pilots were removed from the spaceships. Once on Mars all the children would be kept separate from the adults so they would never learn their past. After all the adults died off Mars would for and about the R team.

Dell oiled some of her hinges, sat down and smiled.

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