Rainstorm – by Barbara Lehman

Published by Houghton Mifflin Company

Copyright © 2007

It is ever so dreadful outside. The rain is coming down in buckets and it shows no signs of letting up. There is no one home and a young boy is very bored. How shall he keep himself busy and entertained? “Rainstorm” is a wordless book that tells in pictures just how nice it is to have friends.

The Illustrations in this book are simple with distinct bold lines and great use of color. While the main theme of this book is friendship, I think the illustrations go deeper than that. The main character lives in a big house, has nice clothes, and lots of expensive things but he lives by himself. The new children he meets have more modest homes and possessions but they have each other. It shows that it is nice to have friends, but it takes it one step further inferring that riches don’t make you happy but friends can.

This is a great book for children 4 and up. It can be enjoyed for its simplicity, and it can be used to help children learn what is more important in life.

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