Raising the Bar: Requiring a Higher GPA for Student Loans

As a current student at Miami University using student loans, I see a big reason for the need to regulate student loans based on GPA. There are so many students currently attending who do not belong and are taking up valuable resources needed for a solid education. While you may think this is too strict, I feel that a minimum GPA of 3.0 is needed to ensure students earn their loans. Doing this will not only free up resources but also benefit the students losing the aid. How is this you ask?

There is currently a huge crop of students attending college because they feel pressured. Whether their parents are making them go or it’s because of the dwindling economy, they are there but don’t want to be. The problem is that even though they may be smart, they intentionally slack off because of their displeasure with being there. I see so many students who just sit in the back of class and blog, play games, or listen to music, not caring about the distractions they cause. By taking away their aid, they will benefit by learning the real life consequences of what happens in the workforce when you intentionally under-perform. Not only that but it would also encourage dedicated students to stay on their current path. However, I don’t think it should be a once and done situation.

Students should have one chance to turn things around. For students who intentionally under-perform, they should have one more term to straighten up. When they are faced with the consequence of losing aid, I think there is a good chance that they will see the light or just leave. Not only that but there are plenty of “A” or “B” earning students who have the occasional bad term. It would be unfair to them to take everything away just because of one slip-up. Generally those students quickly return to form.

Right now at Miami, and I’m sure at a lot of other schools, there is a huge lack of class availability due to financial constraints. I could see that going away by getting rid of the students who don’t belong. Ultimately, that should be by taking away financial aid for under-performance. Not only that, but earning a degree without being sufficiently knowledgeable in the field can ultimately contaminate the workforce and take away valuable opportunities from those who deserve it.

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