Reading: My Favorite Winter Hobby

Skiers breathlessly await that first snowfall, praying for feet rather than inches, so they can hit the slopes. Children can’t wait for the snow to arrive because that’s when snowball fights, tubing parties, snow angels, snow forts and yes, snow days, arrive. But for me, a cold winter evening with the moon shining brightly through our picture window, there is just nothing quite like curling up with a good book, a cup of hot chocolate, an old blanket and a comfortable corner of the couch.

Books pile up over the summer because I’m swamped with work, and summer activities such as BBQs, swimming parties, playing with the kids in the backyard, outdoor concerts, plays and late night walks with my sweetheart. But when winter hits, especially here in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, it’s just too cold to be out gallivanting around during the evening hours. And that’s when I hit the pile of books with great anticipation.

Mysteries, suspense, thrillers, romance, nonfiction, it doesn’t matter. I love them all. For a few short hours I can put this crazy old world away and dive into a world that doesn’t require meals to be made, laundry done, house cleaned, and bills paid. I’m particularly fond of those books where the bad guy really gets his or her comeuppance. Make the story funny and I’m likely to read it over and over.

I’ve been lucky enough to interview many of my favorite authors such as James Rollins, Steve Berry, Jamie Freveletti, Lisa Black, J. Scott Savage, James Dashner and others. And it is so much fun to talk about their books with the authors after I’ve finished them. It takes my little winter hobby to a whole new level, and certainly requires me to get off the couch.

So the skiers may have their mountains. And children may have their winter activities. But for me, nothing will ever beat the wonderful evenings spent reading so many fabulous books. I’m always on the lookout for new authors. And because I now do book reviews, I generally get my books free, which feeds my reading habit just fine in this economy.

Steaming cup of hot chocolate, check. Book I’ve been dying to read, check. Soft old quilt, check. And there’s my corner of the couch waiting for me. The moon is just about to rise, and I’m ready.

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