Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 4, Episode 13

Episode 13 begins with tempers flaring between Marlo and Sheree over Sheree inviting Cynthia but not Marlo or Nene to her friend’s dinner party. Nene diffuses the argument by leading Marlo back to their penthouse upstairs to calm Marlo down. Cynthia, Marlo and Nene go back to their penthouse hotel apartment and start getting ready for the club.

Meanwhile Sheree, Kandi and Phaedra go over to Kevin – Sheree’s friends house. The women are enjoying the festive atmosphere as a professional fire thrower and dancer entertain them upon their arrival. Kevin introduces the women to some of guests. Kandi wants to give one of Kevin’s friends from Botswana some entertainment business tips to help him along but he’s more interested in getting to know her. Kandi seems flattered by the attention but like Sheree and Phaedra keeps the meetings at conversational status.

At the restaurant, Nene, Marlo and Cynthia are discussing the evening. Nene mentions that she thought Nene and Marlo not being invited to the party was a little below the belt. Cynthia, who decided not to go to the party, was having some remorse about mentioning the fact she was invited to the party but not Nene or Marlo with Nene and Marlo.

The girls decided to go to the Jade nightclub which is where the other three girls are to meet them later on. Marlo hugs Phaedra and Kandi but gives Sheree a negative gesture which Sheree lets roll off of her like water off of a ducks back. Inspite of Marlo’s gesture, the women enjoy themselves at the club.

The five housewives and Marlo are off to the spacious Shamwari Animal Game Preserve for Safari. The staff greet them at the gate and the head staff person goes over the services available. Only Marlo asks for a professional hair and make up person to be available which the head staff person is amiable to the request for that person’s availability. Sheree is shocked that Marlo would make such a request when they are out in the middle of no where. Next the women visit and choose a room. One of the older rooms, Nene and Marlo nickname the Southern Belle and state its Phaedra’s room since she sees herself as a southern belle. However, its ironic that Nene and Marlo get the room instead.

In the morning the women start out for their day Safari splitting up in the two jeeps according to the ‘smalls’ and ‘talls’ for their day Safari. In the tall jeep, Cynthia, Nene and Marlo are looking at animals. Cynthia is ashamed of how Nene and Marlo are acting feigning their fear of the animals. Julius, one of the drivers, shocks the women by stopping at a pile of elephant dung picking up some and discussing the different things that could be done with it including pain relief before continuing on their way to the school.

When the women arrive at the school, they interact with the children as the children entertain them with singing and dancing. The women in exchange go to the nearest store to buy supplies for the school children as well as the orphanage they will visit next. Their large purchases cause concern for the storekeeper who reminds them that the local residents need the store supplies as well. The women drop off some of the supplies at the school before they continue on to the orphanage. When they arrive at the orphanage, they are also entertained by the children as they drop off the rest of the supplies. More importantly, the women start to bond and they start thinking about their commonalities rather than their differences.

Does this mean that the women have quelled their differences (for the most part)?

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