Reality Stars with Fragrance Deals: Snooki, Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian and More

Snooki, the pint-sized breakout star of “Jersey Shore,” will launch her own brand of perfume this fall, cementing her status as a pop culture icon. In doing so, she joins several other reality stars who’ve expanded their empire via a fragrance deal.

Sammi Giancola

Snooki’s castmate Sammi also has a signature fragrance. Her first perfume, Dangerous, debuted earlier this year; a men’s cologne is forthcoming. The sweet, floral scent has notes of almond, jasmine, honeysuckle, brown sugar, vanilla and mandarin.

Heidi Klum

Heidi teamed up with Coty for Shine, a fragrance with oriental top notes like mandarin, pink peppercorn and pear.

“For my first [perfume], I wanted what I felt my staple would be,” the “Project Runway” host told Women’s Wear Daily. “I wanted it to be sensual and feminine, but still luxurious and expensive-smelling — because I think there are so many perfumes out there that smell cheap and too sweet.”

Kim Kardashian

Kim has three perfumes under her belt, but her latest, Love by Kim Kardashian, will be the fragrance she wears during her upcoming wedding to Kris Humphries. Just 1,000 bottles will be made of the freesia, jasmine and sandalwood scent — one for the bride, 200 for her guests and 799 for her fans.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom

Khloe and Lamar also have a wedding-related fragrance. Unbreakable is a unisex scent that launched earlier this year amid much fanfare. “It took us nine months of disagreements before we finally agreed on the right scent,” admitted Khloe. “It is a genuine aphrodisiac that both men and women can relate to.”

Sean Combs

Sean has been at the forefront of pop culture for over a decade, but the “Making the Band” mogul also has two fragrances under his belt: I Am King and Empress. The latter scent, which will debut in August 2011 at Macy’s, features Kelly Rowland as the face of its ad campaign.

“I just love what ‘empress’ represents,” Kelly said. “It’s just women who are beautiful and powerful in their own right.” Empress contains notes of starfruit, berries and key lime pie.

Jessica Simpson

Since divorcing Nick Lachey in 2006, Jessica has been quietly building a sizable fashion and beauty empire that could soon surpass the $1 billion mark. Her 2008 fragrance Fancy, which boasts notes of toasted almonds, caramel, pear and apricot nectar, led to two follow-up fragrances: Fancy Nights and I Fancy You.

Paris Hilton

With 10 scents under her belt, Paris is an old pro at negotiating perfume deals. Her most recent fragrance, Tease, is floral and feminine with notes of white peach nectar, amber, warm sand and Fuji apple. The accompanying Tease ad campaign gave the celebutante a chance to channel another famous blonde. “I got to dress up like my idol Marilyn Monroe, and we ended up with some great photos,” said Paris. “She’s always been such an inspiration to me.”

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