Reasons Not to Cheat on Your Spouse

Reasons Not to Cheat on Your Spouse

Problems can and will arise in a marriage, but cheating in not the answer. Here are some reasons why:

Marriage is a covenant commitment. The couple not only makes vows to one another, but also before God.

The grass is not greener on the other side. People look at their situations and think that they’re missing out on something. They think that another’s spouse is more attractive, has a better job, house, car, etc. Those are all superficial things. There are a lot of couples that have good marriages, but that does not mean that they do not argue or have problems. Some people are good at hiding their emotions. It may look like everything is great to the outside person, but it may not be. Also, every couple and household is different. Marriages can start out rough because you’re trying to get used to being married. However, with time, it gets better. We all go through “seasons”. One couple may be going through spring while another is going through winter.

Guilt. You commit the act of adultery and now the guilt is tearing you apart. Keeping secrets will get the best of you eventually.

Your spouse is smarter than you think. Once you’re married to someone for a while, you get into a routine. Once you change that out of the blue without a reasonable explanation, your spouse will get suspicious.

It’s a small world. You’ll be surprised how many people know you and your spouse. All of us have gone out to the grocery store, the mall, or a restaurant and ran into someone that we know. We talk to others and find out that we know the same people. In other words, someone is always watching you and may see you at an “inconvenient” moment.

It can have an impact on your family. By that, I mean your children, especially if they are old enough to understand. Once they find out about your affair, it ‘ s possible that they will lose all respect for you. We should be setting good examples for our kids. Also, kids in general do not want their parents to break up. You don’t want to lose everything that is important to you because of an affair.

You could end up with a stalker or worse. There are men and women out there that are troubled. Your life (or your spouse’s life) could be in danger if they can’t accept rejection.

I use spouse because in spite of what many women think, all men don’t cheat. There are women out there that cheat. Bottom line is that people cheat. They do it because they haven’t gotten caught or suffered any consequences. Some spouses can get past it and move forward, which is possible. For others, the trust is gone and it’s over. There are opportunities for people to cheat, but those that are wise don’t put themselves in those types of situations. For instance, not hiring an attractive person to work for you, or bringing single, attractive people around your spouse. You know your limits. There are many attractive people in the world, but you can ‘t be with them all. Basically, if you walk barefoot on hot coals, you’re asking to get burned.

Communication with your spouse is the key in any marriage. Talk about those issues that bother you. You don’t want to go outside of the marriage to get answers. You can also get counseling if you both feel like things aren’t getting better. The problem with most couples is that they give up too soon. Don’t let that be you.

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