Rebirth of a Nation: Hollywood Truth Fair and Balanced

I am Buford John Burleson of Burleson, Texas. My great-great-great-grandfather was Captain John Burleson, Calvary Officer of the Army of the Confederate States and a Texan-American. I go by “Buford John.”

I saw the premier of Rebirth of a Nation at Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California. I shall remember this experience for the rest of my life. But for this experience I would have wandered blindly through life never knowing the truth and being not aware of the possibility or extent of my own ignorance. I have been saved from mine own ignorance and heathen squalor and I am thankful. I know in my heart that my Lord Jesus Christ played a role in this.

I watched this great movie on a classically hot Los Angeles summer afternoon. There was the normal mix of cartoon characters, whores, dealers, dope addicts, pickpockets, sneak thieves and other liberals mixing with the tourists and other innocents crowding the Hollywood Boulevard sidewalks in front of the theater. The cartoon characters were posing for photos with those tourists and the sneak thieves were looking for something to steal. Other tourists were pushing their hands and feet inside the imprints left in the concrete by Starlets, Stars, and other celebrities from days gone by. On this day, there was the additional attraction of several prominent patriotic American Conservatives as well as numerous Patriotic New American Right politicians and other cable television stars giving brief interviews in advance of the big premier screening.

One man was the center of attraction. I had seen him previously on a TV entertainment talk show. He was long time world-renowned Texas movie director/producer Pecos Brazos Houston. He seemed to be giving pretty much the same interview: “I was inspired by ‘Birth of a Nation.’”

“How is that?” The interviewer was no less than Rock Hard, famous Hollywood entertainment journalist and his partner, Merry Chic.

“It was so simple, so pure, just the truth, no dramatization, no politicization. Just the story, the story of a turbulent, misunderstood and grievously misrepresented aspect of American history and culture.”

I have to admit that that Rock Hard definitely has one of the best tans and I have never seen a smile so perfect. And, if I hadn’t known that Merry Chic had been doing Hollywood gossip news for over twenty years, I’d never believe that a woman with breasts and a smile like hers could be in her late 40’s.

“But why this story, why now? You are in your prime, you can sit back on your laurels and money will practically come to you begging to be spent on less controversial movies?” Rock Hard was pressing for the truth of the matter, crucial insights into this great patriotic American stars creative process.

“Rock, that’s not the American way. All real Americans seek challenges. All real Americans appreciate and seek the truth, no matter the consequences. I would not be able to look myself in the face in the morning if I had backed away from this. I owe this country a lot, and this is my way of giving back, of saying ‘thank you, America, land of the free and the home of the brave and the land I love.’ Excuse me.” Pecos Brazos turned away briefly, wiped a tear from his eye and recomposed himself.

I have a lot of respect for Pecos Brazos. He is a real Texan and a real American.

Inside, the theater wasn’t crowded at all–pretty much just the Texas Board of Education, the Republican National Committee, some patriots from the patriotic National Tea Party Movement, more patriots from the individual state Tea Party movements, the VIP guests and the few tourists who were able to fork over $27 per seat to get inside and see the splendor of old Hollywood.

I was one of the “VIP Guests.” I would not have been there except that I was using my former employer’s complimentary tickets. He had been a long time U.S. Senator from Florida but he was now doing time for child molestation and could not make it to the premier. This was really an unfair situation because he had initially pled not guilty by reason of insanity-admitting that he was crazy for that little boy-but changed the plea to guilty in a negotiated plea bargain with the District Attorney and then the judge, probably a Democrat appointee, showed him no mercy and sentenced him to seventeen years in one of the federal prisons in Florida. I’m sure he was as shocked as the rest of America at his sentence and I’m pretty sure that even though the party leaders didn’t say anything, they’re probably thinking that this is just another example of liberal judicial activism and the persecution of right thinking God-fearing taxpaying patriotic American conservatives while the real criminals are set free to victimize again and again and again. And now, this once proud legislator is but a humble grounds keeper on the prison golf course. But that is a different story, so I’ll move on.

This movie is a revelation. I have never seen or heard so much truth squeezed into two hours. But it was a disappointment, too. I felt betrayed, all those years and all those history and social studies classes in elementary school, junior high school, high school and college that I now know to be wasted. All those lies in the newspapers, Life Magazine, Look Magazine, the Stars & Stripes, Yank Magazine, the History Channel, NPR, and National Geographic! All lies promulgated by the eternal international liberal left wing conspiracy to subvert America values and enslave the taxpaying middleclass. The worst part was the humiliation of knowing in my heart that I had sucked it up like ice cream. It was no consolation that most of the other people I had gone to school with and grownup with had been deceived the same as I. This movie sets the record straight.

Pecos Brazos spared no expense in the production of this Academy Award quality movie. The story opens with the larger than life voice of Pat Boone providing the narrative. Jimmy Swaggart portrays George Washington and Christina Aguilera portrays Mary Washington. John Wayne portrays Robert E. Lee and Lorne Green portrays Jeff Davis. The hero, a Confederate Army Officer, and slave owner from South Carolina, Strom Trent Jefferson Davis, is portrayed by Chuck Norris and his Negro sidekick, Hercules, the Confederate Army Officer’s slave, is portrayed by Charlton Heston.

I personally found this aspect of the movie to be disturbing and profoundly disappointing. On one hand, but for this movie, I might never have known of the bravery of the hundreds of thousands of Negro slaves who volunteered to fight the surging tide of the evil empire in the War of Northern Aggression, and died for their cause.

On the other hand, I am more disappointed than ever in our African American actors. With so many African Americans out of work and living on welfare, you would think that some of the more fortunate of them would set the example for their people and accept work in this movie. That one actor, the guy who won the Academy Award, actually said that he would starve to death before he took a role in a movie like this. Now, what kind of example is he setting for his people? Money is where you find it, you know? As a result of the general refusal of African Americans to work, the film crew and director had to travel all the way to Uganda to find enough colored folk to shoot the stock footage parts of the movie-and you know there is only just so much need for stock scenes of negroes working in the fields. They tried to use some of the Ugandans for speaking roles, but the accents were all wrong. So, in the end, they had to use white actors in black speaking roles and color their skin.

The film begins with George Washington, in full military regalia, looking heavenward, his hands clasped before him, tears running down both cheeks, kneeling in prayer to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior himself and seeking guidance as to what to do with “my Negroes.” I know that a lot of modern African-Americans don’t like that word, but that is the word George Washington, Father of our Country used, and that is the word I’ll use to describe his statements.

“Jesus Christ my lord God and protector give me the wisdom to make the right decision as to the role of involuntary servitude and subsistence wages in the future of our country and of the proper disposition of my Negroes upon my passing.”

“George,” said God, through the strangely masculine voice of George Burns, “the future of America, my most favorite of all countries on earth and the country I have chosen to be the example for all others to follow depends on a strong south with a strong economy and those two necessities in and of themselves are dependent upon a steady supply of cheap labor to harvest cotton, tobacco, sugar and other sundry field crops.”

“But, Lord Jesus, Son of God and my savior, what ought I to do?”

“Well, the Democrats, being possessed of the Devil and not caring one whit for the welfare of those people, will agitate for abolition. You of all people George know those people are incapable of caring for themselves, and need good Southern men and women such as yourself to provide for them, feed them, clothe them, tell them to get out of the rain, and whip them when they misbehave. The true Republicans will stand fast for property rights and states’ rights. But, the south especially must stand fast for behold I say unto you that the evil one, tall and lanky with folksy ways, homely face, squeaky voice and tall hat, and secrets in his closet, will one day cometh forth and he shall subvert the good order and discipline of the Republican Party, My party, and he shall lead them astray with false talk of concern for the Sanctity of the Union and the sacredness of human life and liberty and they shall take up the Republican banner and cause and subvert it to that of their own and advocate the abolition of Southern property rights and liberty for walking talking stock and voting rights for non-slave owners and the multitudes shall follow and the unwise will seek refuge and comfort in the arms and hot wet loins of Democrat harlots for a period of five score and a couple of years before they shall find their way from the wilderness back into My party.

George looked perplexed, “Does this mean I should free my Negroes?”

“No! George! Listen to me. You must continue to do My work and you can’t very well do that if you’re tied up mucking out the stables or chopping cotton.”

And in that moment, the Father of Our Country stood tall, his face lifted to the heavens with that determined look that is so well known, “My lord God has spoken and I have heard and I shall obey and I shall go forth in the world to do his word.”

God almighty, this was an electrifying experience.

There were lots of flashbacks to the Revolutionary War. Those were great majestic scenes: The Father of Our Country riding upon a great charging black Friesian stallion, the stallion’s great black mane flowing in the wind and the President’s white hair flowing in the wind and his face painted blue, his mighty sword chopping arms and legs and otherwise vanquishing evil doing Englishmen to their pagan Church of England maker. Then were the shots of him standing gallantly before the populists in the Great Hall of Independence arguing for the property rights of property owners and giving wise counsel to the fledging founding fathers of this great country to restrict voting rights to those few property owners who could read and write and pay a poll tax.

There was a scene at the end of his second term as President, where he was standing on the White House portico, the wind was blowing and his hair was waving like the flag. The background music was the Liberty University Choir singing “God Bless America.” He was leaving the White House to return to Virginia, he gave another speech beseeching the good men of Congress to pass a law requiring property ownership as a basic requirement for voting and a general requirement that candidates for office sign a blood oath of allegiance to the Baptist faith.

The hero, Strom Trent Jefferson Davis, is first encountered as a young boy on his father’s plantation in South Carolina. In the introductory scene, his parents are having a birthday party for some of the slave children and they are all gathered around the Master’s backyard taking a swim in the pool. This scene was shot with some of the extra’s in Uganda and it is so authentic looking I could not believe it. This is where the young colored man who will grow to be Strom Trent’ best friend is encountered as well. Charlton Heston is magnificent and he speaks all of his lines with an incredibly authentic Negro Brogue. And Charlton Heston’s makeup was incredible, too. They made his skin real black and his lips real big and red and he wore a full Afro of pure white hair. He really did look Negro-even in the close-ups.

There are not many actors like Charlton Heston. That man is an actor’s actor.

At first, I was a little uncomfortable with Bonzo the Chimpanzee portraying Lincoln, but then, as the story evolved and they entered the Presidential debates between Lincoln and Douglas, portrayed by Mr. President Ronald Reagan, the magic between these two accomplished actors really did work its magic. The exchanges were electric, and then, when Bonzo, portraying Lincoln, playfully put his hand on Douglas’ buttock, and Mr. President Ronald Reagan, portraying Douglas, said, “There you go again, Mr. President,” well now, the entire audience came to their feet stomping and applauding.

There was not a dry eye in the room. The nostalgia was thick enough to cut with a knife.

Of course, from that point forward war was pretty much a foregone conclusion and the movie goes into a lot of the little known truths of what was going on in the country leading up the war.

For example, most people do not know that just before the north launched their surprise attack against the southern states, landing enormous forces in Charleston and slaughtering innocent women and children, there were spontaneous anti-Lincoln demonstrations by colored folk all over the south and even in Washington. Now, this was actually filmed in Uganda, but it looked just like South Carolina and Washington, but my point is that this is the sort of truth that has been suppressed in traditional history books.

There were splendidly majestic scenes: Hundreds of thousands of Colored people crowded into the Federal Mall, marching on Congress to demonstrate against the abolitionists and northern aggression. And then, there were all those colored men demonstrating for the right to serve in the Confederate Army and fight the Northern Aggressor. There was heart-breaking moment while Strom Trent debated the welfare of his slaves and reluctantly said “no.” Then, the slave he loved the most, the slave that had raised him from a pup, Hercules, spoke to him sternly and reminded him that though he was colored he was capable of defending the homeland, and so it was that Strom Trent allowed Hercules to accompany him in the army and they did that little death before dishonor gladiator thing with their fist hitting their chests.

In the final scenes, Strom Trent and Hercules are defending a single bridge across a wide river on the outskirts of Savannah. If the Yankees cross the river, the war is lost. Strom Trent is wearing a big black cowboy hat. He is spinning and kicking and soaring through the air like the Shao Lin Masters in the kung fu movies, and Hercules is wearing that cowboy hat that Mr. President Ronald Reagan used to wear in the commercials for 20 Mule Team Borax and for the Presidential publicity shots on his Santa Barbara ranch. He is kicking and karate chopping his way through the advancing Unionist hordes.

As the end nears, Lincoln has massed all of his troops and the troops of their French, Islamicist, Asian and Mexican Allies. Yellow hordes scramble across the landscape collecting everyone’s laundry and over charging for the service, veiled women and turbaned men advance to the river’s edge and wash their feet. The French serve up croissants and bad coffee during rest breaks and the off duty Mexicans stand on street corners in front of the nearby Home Depots soliciting work.

Then, the attack. First comes wave after wave of dismounted yellow skinned Asian infantry hordes followed by Persian cavalry on elephants. The Mexican lancers, mounted cavalry, rounded the flank and came at them from behind, but, thank unto God for small favors, the French retreated and ran away. The arrows from the Persian and Philistine archers were so thick they blocked out the sun.

Wounded and bleeding profusely, they fought, two against many, stacking enemy dead as defensive ramparts, blocking the narrow path across the bridge.

Near the end, Lincoln comes forward riding in a great sedan chair carried by naked white women. He has shaved his head and all of his body hair, except for his beard and the long hairs around his nipples, and is wearing a pink Speedo with body piercing studs and loops hanging from his lips, ears and nipples. He offers unimaginable pleasures to Strom Trent if he and Hercules surrender.

Hercules, again, speaking in that magnificent Negro Brogue says, “Just say ‘no,’ Massa.” and Strom Trent says, “No.”

Lincoln pulls a Gatlin Gun from inside his Speedo; Strom Trent launches himself at Lincoln in one last soaring karate kick, and Lincoln guns down him down at close range. It is brutal but Strom Trent dies with his cowboy hat on.

Hercules pulls the dying Strom Trent to his bosom and cries, “Massa! Massa! Don’t die Massa. Oh, I luvs me some Massa.”

Strom Trent gurgles and blood spills from his mouth. “I love you, too, Hercules, and I’m giving you your freedom. It’s the best I can do Herky boy, I can’t take care of you anymore.” Then he dies in Hercules’ arms.

Hercules gently lays Strom Trent on the blood soaked earth, and looks at Lincoln. “You done kilt my Massa.”

Lincoln shrugs and has a non-committal look on his face. “Yes?”

Hercules picks up a lance and starts toward Lincoln, but several hundred Mexican lancers wearing monkey masks have sneaked up behind him and they all run him through before he can get to Lincoln.

In his last scene, Hercules is standing there looking like a human pincushion. Lincoln pulls a huge scimitar, also from inside his Speedo, “Any last words, infidel?”

Hercules coughs up some blood, tries to stand a little straighter and says, “I regrets that I be having only one life to give for my Massa’s cause”

Lincoln steps forward and tries to chop his head off but the scimitar is too dull and he ends up sawing it off. Then he picks up the severed head-it has a real surprised look on it-faces the south and bellows, “Let no son of a motherless fuck challenge my authority or the authority of the federal government to become as big as we please and to tell the states to do whatever we want them to do whenever we want to as suits our fancy.”

Then the Yankee hordes swarm into Savannah, raping, burning, stealing anything and everything of value, killing all the white men, cutting their heads off and impaling them on pikes along U.S. Highway 17 all the way from Savannah to Washington, having their way with any white woman they can catch and driving children and otherwise escaping white women with babes in their arms into the sea.

The movie ends with scenes of the South burning and colored men running wild raping white women. These scenes were actually shot in Uganda and they used Ugandan women spray-painted white.

These modern makeup people can work wonders.

The very last scene begins with a single white flower in the middle of a meadow. A young blond boy enters the meadow followed by and old gray haired Negro man. The old man sees the flower and bends as if to pick the flower. The boy stops him.

He asks, “Why, Lil Massa?”

The boy looks at him, smiles confidently and puts his hand on the old man’s shoulder. “This is a new beginning. This is the Rebirth of Our Nation.”

And with that the camera zooms out from the green meadow to show the burned and blackened country side.

The old Negro, sobs, “Thank you, lil Massa, thank you.”

The voice of the boy continues, “We shall return.”

Suddenly the audience is on their feet whooping and hollering. They are just going crazy. The Texas Board of Education is in tears, hugging each other, holding their fists aloft shouting, “The truth shall set you free.” The cable TV stars are all holding hands and telling each other, “Thank God for the First Amendment and Pecos Brazos.”

As I wrote earlier, I will not soon forget this experience.

Of course, anytime a true American patriot stands up for America and the truth it will be only a very short time before he and the truth are viciously attacked by the liberal press. Shortly after the premier, Edward R. Murrow, one of the most infamous yellow journalists ever to darken the screen, interviewed Pecos Brazos. I could see from the start that it was a trap. He was spending entirely too much time on Brazos Pecos’ ancestry and childhood growing up in Texas.

It didn’t surprise me when he produced the Massachusetts birth certificate of someone name Aloysius Aengus Forrest and a Viet-Nam era conscientious objectors draft deferral application, with fingerprint cards, claiming that the fingerprints matched Pecos Brazos’.

That is just the sort of demagoguery that we expect from the vast international Anti-American liberal conspiracy and Democrats in general. Anytime they cannot beat a man with the facts, they will beat him by ruining his reputation.

But, we know the truth.

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