Recap: ‘Once Upon a Time,’ Season 1, Episode 10, ‘7:15 A.M.’

The title of “Once Upon a Time,” Season 1, Episode 10, “7:15 A.M.” refers to the time Mary Margaret lurks in Granny’s coffee shop to stalk David as he picks up his morning brew on his way to his job at the animal shelter.

Spoilers surely follow.

In the fairy tale world, Snow White is so distraught about the fact that Prince Charming is marrying for reasons of state that she makes a badly considered deal with Rumplestiltskin for a potion that will make her forget her unrequited love and the object of it. But before she can down it, she gets a message via carrier dove from the Prince explaining his love for her. So she tries to infiltrate the castle to get to him, then is promptly thrown in the dungeon with a miner named Grumpy (yes, that one.)

Fortunately Grumpy and Snow are rescued by Grumpy’s brother Stealthy (a tall dwarf hitherto unmentioned in the story.) Sadly Stealthy gets an arrow in the back during the escape. Snow sacrifices herself to give Grumpy the getaway. Then the King explains to Snow that she will ditch the Prince or else he gets the dagger. She does so, with regret.

As Snow leaves the palace, she encounters the seven rather tall dwarves who decide to take her in. The next morning the news is rushing through the kingdom that the Prince has renounced his marriage of state and will now marry for love. Alas, Snow has taken the potion and has forgotten Prince and unrequited love.

In the real world, Mary Margaret and David are struggling with their own unrequited love. Fortunately they are brought together by a lost dove (the same one apparently) and a violent thunder storm. They finally give in to their feelings for one another and publically smooch as the mayor looks on with rage.

Meanwhile Emma is dealing with the mysterious stranger and his equally mysterious box. What is he doing in Storybrook, a town that hardly ever gets visitors? It turns out that the box contains a typewriter (??!!) for the mysterious stranger is a writer with a decidedly primitive taste in tools of the trade.

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