Recap: ‘Once Upon a Time,’ Season 1, Episode 6, ‘The Shepherd’

“Once Upon a Time,” Season 1, Episode 6, “The Shepherd” is part origin story for the Prince known as Charming and part love triangle story involving David (aka the Prince), Mary Margaret (aka Snow White) and David’s wife.

Spoilers follow.

In Storybrook, David comes home with his wife, Kathryn, and seems to remember that he didn’t like a windmill that used to be in the front yard. Inside, a welcome home party awaits him. The only person absent is the only person he wants to talk to – Mary Margaret. He slips out to chat with her as she hangs a birdhouse on a tree. He is pretty sure he loves her. She is pretty sure that adultery is wrong.

Meanwhile, back in the fairy tale universe, Prince Charming fights and defeats a burly, armored fellow who seems to be a distant cousin of the Kurgan from “Highlander.” However, the brute gets in a last shot with his spear and kills the Prince.

It seems that years ago, the King made a deal with Rumpelstiltskin to get a prince as he was not able to create one of his own with the Queen. Can the little troll bring the dead lad back to life? No, but the lad did have a twin, who is now herding sheep at the small farm he shares with his widowed mom. This is, in fact, James, the Prince Charming we have come to know and love.

James, the former spare, now heir, is brought to court. It seems that King Midas (yes, that one) has a dragon problem that needs a little removing. Noting that a shepherd probably doesn’t have much skill with a sword, the plan is for the King’s knights to do in the dragon and James to take the credit.

Things go wrong, as they usually do when one goes up against a flying lizard that breaths fire with anything less than a shoulder-fired rocket. Fortunately, James is smart enough to lure the dragon into a narrow pass, maneuver around, and cut off its head.

This leads to another deal with Midas. James can marry his prissy daughter and combine the two kingdoms. He will do this or he will die, his mom will die, and the farm will be reduced to ashes. So, Prince James agrees and takes his bride by the scenic route which will lead him, as we have noted in a previous episode, to Snow White and his true love.

Back in the real world, David leaves Kathryn and arranges to meet Mary Margaret by the toll bridge. But an encounter with Mr. Gold and the ugly windmill in his pawn shop jogs his fake memories and causes him to go back to his wife, leaving Mary Margaret all alone and forlorn.

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