Recycle Old Coffee Cans

Recycling both small and large coffee cans takes care of two problems. Recycling helps the planet, and recycling cans will save you money. You can use the cans for containers for craft items, paint brushes, tools and indoor and outdoor planters. On a rainy day why not get out the coffee cans you did not know what to do with and craft them into something useful and beautiful.

Wash and dry the cans thoroughly with soap and water. Spray inside an out with ant-rust spray. Allow the cans to dry. Paint the cans with your choice of color spray paint at least two coats to completely cover.

Using fabric and craft glue for your decorations will hold everything in place. Cut out circles, squares or triangles of different fabrics and glue them on either randomly or following a specific design you have drawn. Generously add beads and buttons to add color and sparkle. Add a strip of ribbon to the bottom of the can and glue all the way around.

You could get pictures for magazines and copy them, while adding all the extra bauble. Why not glue on old chains that have been sitting in your jewelry box–unworn–for years?

To finish the project spray with acrylic fixative to keep the cans clean and dry.

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