Recycled Blue Jean Crafts – Denim Draft Stopper

Turn an old pair of blue jeans into a draft stopper for a door or window. The weight of the denim makes it an excellent fabric for stopping drafts from entering your home. The process is simple and requires no sewing. Adult jeans with leg lengths of 32 to 36 inches work the best for making recycled denim draft stoppers.

Things You’ll Need:

Old denim jeans
Rubber bands


Step 1 – Place the old jeans on a flat work surface. Smooth out all wrinkles with your hands.

Step 2 – Cut the legs from the jeans as close to the crotch seam as possible.

Step 3 – Roll the jeans as tight as possible from the inside leg seam to the outside leg seam.

Step 4 – Secure the roll together with rubber bands every 6 to 8 inches.

Step 5 – Tie a ribbon around each ribbon band to hide.

Add additional decoration to the denim by sewing buttons haphazardly along the length of the draft stopper. Sew the buttons to the top and front of the draft stopper to indicate which way is up.

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