Redecorating Your Room – Easy Ideas

Sometimes life gets stale and mundane but here are some ways to spice up your room, at least, so that you can get a brand new look. After a few years it is almost imperative that you change up the scheme of your room. In fact, every four years, for most humans, a great change comes over their lives and that means that your habitat should reflect these changes. Sometimes if you keep your room exactly the same you hinder yourself from being able to experience a new kind of view or rather from a different vantage point. The Eastern world understands the importance of placing things in certain ways to achieve harmony and this principle can be applied to your room.

First, you want to try doing a rough sketch of what you want your new room to look like. If you have pieces of furniture that you want to keep, include them in the sketch and label them carefully. It is best to do a sketch that is proportionate to your room because otherwise you might overestimate the space you have to do certain things and then you will find yourself in a difficult position when it comes time to move things around. You will find that your bed doesn’t fit in that place by the window after all and that you have no room for a sitting area like you planned. So make it relative to the size of your room and then begin to sketch where you want things to go. It’s good to not make all the furniture stay on one side but rather spread it around to give your room a mental balance. If all your heavy pieces are over there on the right side leaving the left side blank, you might experience a sense of being on a tilted ship at all hours.

Instead, you want to make it so that the right and left bear equal weight. Now, with that in mind, make sure to keep the white space in mind. In art, the concept of white space refers to the blank spaces around the actual art and paint, which is just a part of the art, too, as it is all essential in breathing and having a sense of peace and clarity, so keep a part of your room free of anything at all just empty spaces to give your room that sense of having air. You want to make sure you think of this when it comes to the walls too.

Painting your room a solid color is a great idea. You want to choose something that you can live with of course and something that goes with your curtains and bedspreads, too, so that you create a kind of theme in the room. You want to make sure that when you move your furniture around you take care to have a space for your personal things, drawers are just as essential on the inside as the placement of the cabinets on the outside, for having things organized in a way that makes sense will add peace to your life.

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