Replace Old Moldy Caulking in Your Bathroom

Same as with cleaning grout, you can clean mildew with chlorine based cleaners, but even the best scrubbing can not clean caulking that has mold absorbed into it. Whether you have molding caulking or you just want a nice clean fresh start to caulking, you can replace caulking. Anyone can replace moldy caulking. You do not need any special talent to do this.

If you think this challenge is to intimidating then hesitate no more. Anyone can rechaulk by following these easy steps.

1. Using a putty knife, scrape away the old caulking material. Make sure you try and dig out all that you can leaving at least a shallow groove behind.

2. This step is very important, scrub with a mildew remover or chlorine based cleaner, rinse and let totally dry.

3. Next, take a chalking gun and a tube of latex based tub and tile chalk and draw a line all around the chalking area.

You can make a line of beads if you want. And before a skin starts to form, wet your finger and smooth the chalk line and push it into any open holes.

Finally, let the caulking totally dry before you touch the surface again. And now you have nice, pretty caulking

Replacing old moldy caulking in your bathroom uplifts and refreshes the whole appearance all over the bathroom. I personally love how my bathroom looks so much brighter and clean after all the caulking is replaced.

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