Research Paper Topic Ideas for Environmental Science

Have you been assigned to write a research paper for your environmental science or AP Ecology class? Are you looking for topic ideas? Clueless on what to write about? Here are a few suggestions to consider.

Long-lasting Effects of Hurricanes

One topic to think about is the long lasting effects that Hurricanes can have on the environment. You can discuss how hurricanes can lead to toxins being released in the water, how they can interrupt the food chain and more. This article here is a great link to begin with.

Some of these effects can be contributed to humans. For example, Hurricane Andrew lead to an enormous snake problem in the Florida everglades because snakes escaped from pet stores. (Read more about it here.)

How Disposable Diapers Affect the Environment

Another research paper theme is disposable diapers. You will find plenty of articles and research on this topic. Start by searching for “environmental impact of disposable diapers” on Yahoo. You might be able to obtain an expert quote from the National Association of Diaper Services. Check out their website here.

The Dangers of Using Organic Products

There are some dangers of consuming organic foods compared to non-organic products. You can find plenty of literature on this topic. Start by searching for “dangers of organic food” on Yahoo. You might also ask a local nutritionist for a quote.

Health Benefits of Mud

One unusual topic is to write about the benefits of mud. You might even be able to get an expert quote or two from a local spa owner. You might also mention therapeutic hot mud baths as discussed here.

How Aerosol Cans Can Harm the Environment

Another research paper topic is how aerosol cans can damage the environment. You will find numerous articles, books and even films about this. Search on Yahoo for “aerosol cans environmental impact” for sources.

How Dams Affect the Environment

A sixth environmental science topic to consider is the impact that dams have on the environment. You can discuss both the positives and negatives.

These are just a handful of ideas for your environmental science research paper. Happy Writing!

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