Review: Dr. McDougall’s Teriyaki Noodle Asian Entree

My wife and oldest daughter had to do some shopping this past Sunday and, since our daughter was being good, I told my wife to stop off at McDonalds.

She brought that home and we all had plenty to eat. But, she got home sooner than I was expecting and, knowing such an early meal wouldn’t stay with us all night, I decided to pick up something while I was at the store buying milk. This ended up being Dr. McDougall’s Teriyaki Noodle Asian Entree.

I originally planned on just buying a couple ramen noodle cups (and I did pick those up for lunch today) and ended up discovering this product when I was in that aisle. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was interested because the Dr. McDougall’s noodle cups were about $2 each. But, I figured it would be something a bit different so I ended up buying two of them.

It was a waste of $4.

I made these Sunday night after the kids (after having a small dinner too) were in bed, starting with my wife’s. I followed the instructions on the package exactly and came out with a mess. The noodles stuck together and were very pasty looking. They apparently didn’t taste very good either because my wife (who was already not feeling the greatest) couldn’t eat even half of them.

When I made my cup, I used a bit more water than what the instructions called for and the noodles at least looked a little better. However, when it came to taste, they left a lot to be desired and, ultimately, I felt the ramen noodle cups (which were only 57 cents) would have been the better choice.

Even if I would have liked the taste of these, I think I still would feel they were a waste of money because they also lacked quantity. The uncooked noodles only filled about half the cup. If I’m paying $2 for something like this, I expect to see a quite a bit more than that and was disappointed with the quantity before I even had a chance to taste them.

As I said before, I feel these were a waste of money. And, given the fact I absolutely hated the taste, I don’t see myself buying this product again; even if the price was reduced significantly. If you are looking for something like this as a quick meal, I recommend avoiding this brand.

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