Review: Joy Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cones

About a week ago, I was at my parents’ house picking up my daughters after work. Even though they don’t normally put up too much of a fight when it is time to go home, this was one of the few evenings when they just didn’t seem to want to get out the door; especially when it came to my youngest daughter.

As my parents usually have to do, they ended up bribing my kids. My oldest settled for a small toy while my youngest wanted something food related; mainly ice cream. Since we were trying to get out the door, I promised this treat to her when we got home and, to show her I was serious, my mom gave her a pack of chocolate dipped ice cream cones from the brand Joy.

Even though I have heard of the brand, this was the first time I had ever seen this product (my parents said they found it at Aldi) and I was definitely interested in it. I don’t normally eat ice cream myself but do occasionally enjoy some ice cream treats and I found myself wanting to try one too.

I did and I wasn’t disappointed.

The cones weren’t fully covered in chocolate. But, they had a “dipped” section (near where the ice cream goes) that had just the right amount of chocolate on it. When I bit into this (I purposely didn’t have a lot of ice cream so I could try this sooner), I was very impressed with the flavor. Because it was a cheaper product, I figured the chocolate wouldn’t have much sweetness to it or would taste old. Instead, it was as good as the chocolate I will get on some store-bought ice cream treats. In fact, my only complaint was the entire cone wasn’t covered in it.

My daughter seemed to like these too. She normally doesn’t eat the cone. Instead, she’ll eat the ice cream, bring the uneaten cone over to us and ask for more. This time around, however, she ate almost the entire cone too and I can only assume that was from the chocolate coating near the top.

I haven’t seen these cones anywhere else and can’t tell you if they are sold anywhere other than Aldi. But, if you have an opportunity to buy these, I do recommend it. Your kids will love them and, if you are like me, chances are you will too.

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