Review: Lindt Lindor Peppermint Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles

My wife had to run up to Walgreen’s the other day to pick up a couple things we forgot to grab earlier in the day. I had expected her to come home with just those things but she apparently was a bit hungry because she also picked up some snack foods. Included in those foods was a bag of Lindt Lindor Peppermint Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles.

My wife is a big fan of the Lindt Lindor truffles. But, I honestly have never been a huge fan of them; especially when they have dark chocolate (I think dark chocolate tastes a bit too much like coffee). However, I do like peppermint and, because these had that in them, I decided to give them a try too; in the hopes there would be at least one variety of these I enjoy.

After trying them, I’m still not a big fan of this brand.

So, to be fair, as I said before, I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate so, at best, me liking these was probably a long shot. But, as I also said before, my wife loves these so the fact she wasn’t a huge fan of them either pretty much validates my opinion of them.

In my personal opinion (and I’m not sure if my wife shares this particular opinion with me), the dark chocolate wasn’t really anything special. This is a brand that is a bit more expensive than other brands and, because of that; I would expect a bit more quality. But, the dark chocolate didn’t taste any different than dark chocolate from cheaper brands. In other words, it was the same, not better and definitely not worth spending extra money on as a result.

The part that was a real disappointment for me, however, was the peppermint. There really wasn’t much of that. I tasted it a bit at first. But, as my wife described better than me, they were definitely more dark chocolate than peppermint and, after the first second or so, I couldn’t taste the latter at all.

Again, to be fair, I will say these weren’t terrible. But, they also failed to live up to our expectations of them. There are plenty of other dark chocolate/peppermint candy treats out there that are better and don’t cost nearly as much money. I would recommend any of those instead of this product. I know this isn’t something either of us plans on buying again.

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