Review: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds‘ album is out, full of top-quality tunes. The first single “The Death of You and Me” will get your toes tapping and won’t leave your head for days. It is because of this album that I have found peace with Oasis breaking up. Sure, Liam’s been telling NME he’s “desperate” for an Oasis reunion, but Noel Gallager just told MTV news the complete opposite, despite Internet rumors.

Recently Noel Gallager told MTV that during a French interview he said he would possibly consider reuniting with Oasis in 2015 after all members got their solo projects out of the way and found peace with each other. Instead the reporter wrote that Oasis “would” reunite in 2015, sending the Internet into rumor overkill. Despite fans’ excitement, he cleared up the confusion. “It isn’t going to take place. Do I look desperate? No, I’m not desperate at all.”

If you’re aching for an Oasis reunion, pick up Noel’s solo album. The tunes are quirky and upbeat, much of the direction Oasis should have gone rather than it did. There is just enough pop mixed with psychedelic tuning. Let’s be honest with ourselves- Pulp, Blur and Suede all said there was no chance they’d reunite and after 2009 it was a Britpop revitalization. I think it’s best to point out The Stone Roses who have publicly hated each other for years- if they can put their differences aside, anything can happen.

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