Review of Breakfast Best Cinnamon Blast French Toast Bites

The last shopping trip to Aldi involved a pickup of several freezer stock up items for the back to school season. The weekdays are a rush and there are some definite advantages to getting some meals that can be prepared on the fly. One of these weekday tasty breakfasts includes French toast sticks. We picked up a box of Breakfast Best Cinnamon Blast French toast bites in the freezer section after having very good luck with Breakfast Best brand of sausage links.


Heating up these breakfast bites is a snap. The process is simple as the oven needs to be preheated to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. I then line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and spread these little toast bits out. I emptied out all sixty pieces onto the sheet as my family of five is more than capable of eating these as they are rather small. The cooking time lasts no longer than five to six minutes with a flip midway through baking. I will caution the customer that the flip time is not a quick process as this task is rather piecemeal considering there are sixty little nuggets to turn over. The job is monotonous but well worth the effort as this step ensures even cooking on both sides of the French toast bites.


The first taste of these French toast sticks was a definite plus from the entire crew. Everyone enjoyed the light crunch and good dose of cinnamon flavor with each bite. I caught myself using less syrup than usual as these breakfast bites packed enough sweetness without needing much help. There were a few pieces initially on the baking tray that were more “done” than others that appeared more crispy as the cinnamon and sugar coating sort of caramelized making these particular pieces even more delicious than the less baked items. These particular pieces made me realize I should probably bake these a tad longer next time to get more caramelized bites.


The Breakfast Best Cinnamon Blast French Toast bites are sold in a sixteen ounce portion that includes sixty bites. A serving is considered fifteen pieces, though my two younger children probably ate about a dozen each. I stopped at eating at the serving size limit of fifteen pieces which counted up to a hefty 330 calories which is entering “donut” territory with this count.


The box of French toast bites goes for a very low $1.99 which is very competitively priced against other French toast stick manufacturers. This price is way lower than those French toast sticks sold by Publix or even Market Day.

Overall Opinion

I would rate this breakfast treat a strong buy due to the value of feeding a family of five a very tasty breakfast for the low price of $1.99. This item does the family budget some good and even manages to make the entire home smell cinnamon fresh first thing in the morning.

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