Review of Campbell’s Southwest Style Chicken Chili Kettle Soup: Low in Saturated Fat

I am a long time fan of many Campbell’s brand of soups. I had seen the television advertisements for their new slow kettle cooked style line of soups and they did get my good soup loving attention, I must admit. When I came across Campbell’s Southwest Style Chicken Chili Kettle Soup in the canned soups section of my local favorite grocery store, I was interested. Being a chili fan, this one caught my eye. I decided to buy it, try it out and write a product review about my personal experience with it. Here is what I discovered!

I bought one container of Campbell’s Southwest Style Chicken Chili Kettle Soup for a bit over two dollars. Each container has two servings in it. I still think that this product should be a bit cheaper, just my personal opinion. If you are hungry, one container is a hearty meal. Be aware that this soup is not in a microwave friendly container. What is up with that? Anyway, you must put it in a microwave safe bowl to heat it up. “Made with patience, not preservatives.” is the motto of this kettle style soup. And, it took patience to pour it into a microwave safe bowl. Sigh. This soup has chicken, black beans, sweet corn, green peppers, diced tomatoes, northern beans, jalapeno peppers, tomato paste, spices and other ingredients in it. That did sound quite tasty. I could not wait to taste this dish. It is low in saturated fat, fiber rich and protein packed.

I poured this soup into a microwave safe bowl, covered, heated on high for a few minutes, stirred and served. The container has an easy open lid and I did appreciate that. This soup looked great and smelled good. When I tasted it, I liked it. It is hearty and flavorful. It has lots of beans in it. Some chicken. The veggies are great and while this is not my favorite chili soup, this one is fun to try. The zesty spices are good. I like to add crackers to this soup. It indeed has a slow cooked taste. Worth a try. I rate it three and one half stars out of five stars. There are a lot of different varieties of Campbell’s slow kettle style soups to try.

One serving of this chili soup has 190 calories in it. Only 20 of those calories are from fat. One serving has 2 grams of total fat, 0.5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 20 mg’s of cholesterol, 740 mg’s of sodium, 590 mg’s of potassium, 27 grams of total carbs, 7 grams of dietary fiber, yay, 6 grams of sugars and 15 grams of protein. This dish has nice amounts of vitamins A, C, calcium and iron in it.

I enjoyed trying Campbell’s Southwest Style Chicken Chili Kettle Soup and writing a product review all about it. It is indeed interesting, creative and different. I like adding sour cream and cheese to this soup. It helps it be more festive. A relative of mine loves this soup. That can’t be bad.

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