Review of Duke Nukem: Forever

This is a review of the long waited game, duke nukem forever. Throughout the review, ill be going through the game mechanism, the graphics, the controls and more.

After playing through the game several times, I noticed how the game is easy to operate. The controls of simple and similar to other games of the same genre. The game is full of humor and is guaranteed to make you laugh a lot. The graphics are impressive (if viewed with HD) and really show off the graphical side of the game. The story line is easy to follow, there are no big twists that leave you too confused to continue playing and once you start playing, you will be hooked.The marketing put into this game was well thought out too. The company placed just a simple advert on TV which gave out small details, the same practically relied on previous versions of the game to get it through.

This game is at times very rude, it is not suitable for younger audiences at all so if you have a child in the house, I’d advice you not to play it around him/her. The game loads at a snails pace, you’ll find yourself waiting a long time for what you get which can lead to disappointment. The ego bar which replaces the traditional health bar is pointless and just makes the game seem corny and mediocre. The multi-player is boring and has no stand out qualities. The game just isnt original enough to be a top seller. The ideas incorporated into the game are recycled ideas that never worked in the first place. For the amount of time taken to make, I expected more from the game

Rating of out 10 – 6

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