Review of Erin Alden’s ‘Meant to Be’

Just over a year ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Erin Alden about her fantastic EP, “Meant To Be.” I was instantly struck by the magic of her lyrics, and playing her music became a regular part of my day. Now, “Meant To Be” is available to download from iTunes, and I am not ashamed to say it has been playing on an almost constant loop since the second I bought it! Erin is a rare talent, and this review of her musical masterpiece will explain why!

If you have ever listened to music with deeply touching lyrics, you will know just how powerful it can be. Erin Alden has the ability to tap into emotions in a way that makes you feel as if she knows exactly what you have been through, and is sharing your joy or pain through her music. Artists like Adele have managed to create an incredible career from penning such poignant lyrics. Alden is cut from the same cloth, and that is why she is so compelling to listen to.

Trying to choose just one stand out track from “Meant To Be” is impossible because there is something special about every one. The EP beings with the great rock track, “Tell Me What You Say.” While the rest of the album is rather more mellow, the first song proves how versatile Erin really is. Not every singer can change from gentle, heartfelt tones to hardcore rock chick with such ease. It’s the kind of song you could happily blare from your car speakers on a road trip!

Following “Tell Me What You Say,” is the gorgeous “Strings Attached.” This is the first example of how an Erin Alden track can grab you, and make you stop what you are doing to listen to every word. The haunting melody will give you goosebumps, not just the first time, but every time you hear it.

“Stupid Girl” is track three, and this really is one for the girls! If you have ever been in a situation when a man has messed you around, you will easily relate. In spite of the meaning of the song, it’s very upbeat and there is a good chance that you will spend the rest of the day singing it because it is so catchy.

The last three tracks on the album are, “For You,” “Silver Lining,” and “Don’t Want To Lose You Now.” These three songs are all spectacular, both lyrically and vocally. If I absolutely had to pick a favourite track, it would be one of these. “Silver Lining” was actually used in the Lifetime move, “Born Bad,” which just proves the quality of Alden’s work.

If you enjoy music which is not only easy to listen to, but catchy and filled with emotion, Erin Alden is definitely the woman for you! You can find Erin’s EP here and for further info, check out her MySpace page, and follow her on Twitter for news about her upcoming shows.

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